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How do I move inventory to a new room?

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Updated 02/08/2023

Moving inventory items to different rooms is easy using GrowFlow! Let’s move some inventory items to a different room.

1. Select the inventory items you would like to move

Click the checkbox in the right-hand column for each of the inventory items.

2. Click the Move button in the actions area

Clicking the move button will open a window that allows you to choose where to move the item(s).

3. Select the room you want to move the items to from the drop-down

The drop-down is populated with your current list of Inventory Rooms which are created and stored via Admin > Rooms.

  • Pro-Tip: Start typing the name of the room into the search field to quickly locate the room.

  • Pro-Tip: If this is reserved inventory, click Show Quarantine Rooms to view and select a Quarantine Room.

4. Click the Move Items button

The selected items have now been moved to the room you selected!

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