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Wholesale: Admin QA Samples
Wholesale: Admin QA Samples

A walkthrough of the QA Samples page in the Admin menu

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Viewing QA Samples in Admin

The QA Samples page in the Admin menu offers a comprehensive quick view of the samples sent for lab testing.

Head to Admin > QA Samples:

QA Status & Details

In the list view, the following details are available for each QA Sample if applicable:

  • Status: Pending, Pass, or Failed

  • Date the sample was created

  • QA Sample ID

  • Parent ID the sample was taken from

  • Batch: The Harvest Batch Name or the Production Batch Name if applicable to the package

  • The lab the sample was sent to for testing

  • Traceability type

  • Strain name

QA Results

When results are received and imported into your account:

  • The QA Total: Calculated by GrowFlow using the industry standard formula
    THC + THCA *.87 + CBD + CBDA *.87

  • THC as reported by the lab

  • THCA as reported by the lab

  • CBD as reported by the lab

  • CBDA as reported by the lab

  • Expiration status: Yes or No

Click on the status button to view the results:

  • BioTrack & Metrc states: QA Results are entered into BioTrack and Metrc by your lab, then synced into GrowFlow.

  • Washington: QA results can be imported manually or by using a WCIA JSON link provided by your lab

  • Standalone states: QA Results are manually imported

Note: QA Result fields can be modified. If you are connected to traceability, any modifications made will revert to the results input in BioTrack and Metrc when syncs are run. It is your responsibility to ensure the QA results accurately align with the data inputted into BioTrack and Metrc, as well as with the COA provided by your lab.


In the Options column:

  • Click Undo to undo a QA sample and return the sample weight to the Parent ID

Note: Undoing a QA sample will render the QA Sample ID unusable. Once a QA sample has been undone, it cannot be reverted. If a QA sample is undone by mistake see Workarounds to Resolve a Deleted QA Sample ID.

  • Click Cert to upload the COA

  • Click Open Cert to download and view the COA

  • Click Delete to delete the COA from the result

Searching, Filters, Sorting, & Exporting

Use the search bar to search by ID or filter the QA Sample list view by:

  • Status

  • Traceability type

  • Strain

Double-click on any column header to sort the list view alphanumerically based on that specific column

Click Export to export a .csv file of the current QA Sample list in your view. Note that the file will be exported with any filters, searches, and column sorting applied.

Missing QA Results

QA results are entered into Metrc and BioTrack and then synced into GrowFlow. If you have received results in Metrc or BioTrack but they have not yet been updated into GrowFlow, head to Admin > Sync to run a QA sync.



Note: Syncs are not available in Washington and Standalone states as there is no connected traceability required in these states and QA results are manually entered into GrowFlow by the user.

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