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Standalone: How to Create QA Results
Standalone: How to Create QA Results

How to create new Lab (QA) sample IDs and add results in GrowFlow Standalone Wholesale outside of the Lab

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Updated 06/06/2022

If you have not created a Lab order through GrowFlow, you can use this method to create Sample IDs and apply your test results to your items.

1. Go to your inventory overview screen and locate the inventory for which you wish to apply test results.

2. Click the clipboard button next to the inventory ID to copy the ID number to your clipboard. You will see this blue box in the upper, right-hand corner of your screen.

3. Go to your Admin drop-down menu and select "QA Samples"

4. Click "New Result"

5. Paste your copied inventory ID into the Parent ID# box; if you have a sample ID from the lab certificate, enter it below, or check “I don’t have one”, and GrowFlow will generate a sample ID.

6. Now that you have made the sample, you can add results as well as upload your certificates.

7. After clicking on “Pending”, the dialogue box below will appear, and you can enter your desired testing information:

8. Next, set the status from Pending, to Pass:

9. Lastly, click “Save QA Results”

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