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Wholesale: Workarounds to Resolve a Deleted QA Sample ID
Wholesale: Workarounds to Resolve a Deleted QA Sample ID

Recommended workarounds to resolve a QA Sample ID deleted by accident

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Updated 11/15/2022

The Undo action on QA Samples is to reverse the testing status of the Parent Lot to untested and return the weight of the sample. Once a QA Sample ID is undone, it is deleted from your account and it's final. This action cannot be reversed or resurrected so be very careful when clicking Undo on any QA Sample ID via Admin > QA Samples.

Have you accidentally deleted a QA Sample ID? The recommended workarounds differ per jurisdiction.

Washington & Standalone States

One more thing to note is that a QA Sample ID cannot be duplicated once it's been created in your account, even after deletion. To work around this, you will need to create a new result using the same QA Sample ID, but appending an extra digit onto the ID.

1. Head to Admin > QA Samples

2. Click New Result

3. Enter the Parent ID

4. Enter the QA Sample ID that was previously deleted, but append an extra character onto the ID

  • Example: My original QA Sample ID is 01FWRTQYMPBN9QFY, but I will append a "2" to the end of the ID so that it's not a duplicate, entering 01FWRTQYMPBN9QFY2 into this field

  • Note: The Parent and Sample IDs can be found on your Inventory Overview or on the provided COAs

  • Note: Do not select "I don't have one" under the Sample ID # field

5. Click Create Result

6. Now that the Sample ID has been recreated, back on the QA Results page, click the yellow Pending sign on the line item for this result to enter the results

7. Use the WCIA link you received to upload the results or manually enter the results into their applicable fields

8. Upload the COA as well as a supplemental certificate if needed

9. Change the Pending status to Pass

10. Click Save QA Results

11. To assign the new QA Sample ID to the Parent ID and any applicable Child IDs see Applying QA Results to Inventory for this workflow

  • Note: Reach out to your lab to let them know the QA Sample ID was deleted from your account and kindly ask if they will provide a new COA to reflect the updated Sample ID. Heads up, they may not agree to do this for you.

Metrc States

When your GrowFlow account is connected to Metrc, deleting a QA Sample ID will not delete the Sample ID's history from Metrc. This means we are still able to use the QA Sample ID on your inventory in GrowFlow, however, we will not be able to recover the Sample ID's data with a sync, nor will the QA Result be displayed via Admin > QA Samples.

1. On the Inventory Overview, locate the Parent inventory for which the QA Result should be applied

2. Click on the last 4 digits of the ID in the ID column to open the Inventory Details

3. In the Inventory Details, locate and click on the QA Sample ID under the list of Child Inventory. This will open the Inventory Details for the QA Sample ID.

4. Click on the QA Result button in the top-right corner. This will open the QA Result Details.

  • Note: It may read Pass, Pending, or Failed depending on the status of the ID before it was undone.

5. Once you've clicked on the result, you will receive an error message but don't be alarmed, the error will not block you from moving forward with any necessary actions using the QA Sample ID. Simply, close the error message

6. Refer to the results in Metrc or on the COA to update the result status to Pass, Pending, or Failed, and manually fill in the necessary testing result totals in the fields below

7. Once all of the QA information has been updated accordingly, click Save QA Results and close the window

8. To reapply the QA Result to the correct Inventory, locate and select the items back on the Inventory Overview

9. Click Modify

10. In the Modify Inventory window, select Special

11. Enter the QA Sample ID into the Assign Lab Result to Inventory field

12. Click Modify Inventory

Now, the QA Results will be applied to the Parent Inventory in GrowFlow and you can continue to package, convert, add to orders, and print the QA results on labels as needed.

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