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WA Standalone: How to Manually Add Lab Results
WA Standalone: How to Manually Add Lab Results

How to upload QA results from your lab manually when you do not have a WCIA or JSON link or file in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 4/24/23

Have a JSON link to upload your results with? See Upload Mandatory Test Results with a WCIA Link

Option A: Pending Lab Result

I. Go to Inventory > Overview OR Admin > QA Samples and click Pending on your tested inventory:

Inventory > Overview:

Admin > QA Samples:

II. Follow the steps to upload your QA results:

1. Click Pending then select Pass

Note: If the test failed, select Fail so you can identify the failed QA inventory. See the LCB's page about the QA retesting process for eligible lots.

2. Click Upload Certificate to upload the PDF certificate of your lab results (COA)

Note: Use the Supplemental Certificate button if you have an additional QA PDF file to upload.

3. Type in the cannabinoid values (% and/or mg/g) as shown on your COA.

Note: Total THC, Total CBD, and QA Total are calculated automatically using the entered percent (%) values for THC, THCA, CBD, and CBDA only.

4. Click Save QA Results to save your changes

Option B: Item was not sent for testing from my account

This option is also applicable if you need to create a new QA sample for another reason.

I. On the Inventory page, hover over the lot ID number and click the clipboard icon to copy the parent ID to your clipboard:

II. Go to Admin > QA Samples and click the New Result button:

III. Fill in the required fields:

1. Paste the full parent ID under Parent ID #

2. Enter the full QA sample ID as shown on the COA, or check I don't have one to generate a new QA sample ID

3. Click Create Result to finish

IV. Click Pending, then see steps in Option A to upload your results:

Watch the video of this whole process (Options A & B above):

Option C: Item was sent for testing from my account, but is not Pending

If you have an item that already has a QA sample on Admin > QA Samples or was made from another tested item but lost the QA results, copy the QA sample ID and use

Modify > Special to apply the QA result:

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