Updated 08/24/2021

Scenario A: If you did not transfer the sample through GrowFlow, or you transferred the sample before LeafData was disconnected, you now need to generate a Sample ID before you can add results. So, start at Step 1.

Scenario B: If you transferred the sample through GrowFlow after Leaf was disconnected but you don't have an email from your lab that includes a link for uploading the results, start at Step 6 to manually enter your lab results.

Also, see the note about failed test results in Step 8.

Watch the video of the whole process (Scenario A above):

1. Go to your Inventory Overview and locate the inventory for which you wish to apply test results.

2. Click the clipboard button next to the inventory ID to copy the ID number to your clipboard. You will see this blue box in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

3. Go to your Admin menu and select "QA Samples"

4. Select "New Result"

5. Paste your copied inventory ID into the Parent ID# field; if you have a Sample ID from the lab certificate, enter it below, or check “I don’t have one”, and GrowFlow will generate a Sample ID.

6. Now that you have the sample recorded in your Admin >QA Samples page, you can add results as well as upload your certificates.

7. After clicking “Pending”, the dialogue box below will appear, and you can enter your test results from the certificate:

8. Next, set the status from Pending to Pass (or to "Failed" if applicable - see notes)

  • Note: If the test failed, click "Failed" then "Save" so you can identify inventory for requesting retest permission or just use/sell for extraction if that is allowed. If your failed lot can't be retested and isn't eligible for extraction, it must be destroyed. See the LCB's page about the retest process. They include a sheet that shows the allowable ranges of results.

9. Lastly, click “Save QA Results”

Pro-Tip! Merge COAs

If your lab sent your Pesticide Test Results on a COA separate from the rest of your Full Panel Results, use the free Adobe Merge PDF tool to combine the COAs into one PDF for uploading into GrowFlow.

How to Use:
1. Download and save the COAs as a PDF file on your computer

2. Open the Adobe Merge PDF in a new Chrome tab

3. Drag and drop into the download area or click "Select Files"

4. Once the PDF files are downloaded in the tool, click "Merge"

5. You will receive a "Your file is ready" confirmation message then, click "Download"

6. Head back into the QA Results in GrowFlow to upload the newly merged PDF

  • If a PDF is not already uploaded, click "Upload Certificate"

  • If a PDF is already uploaded, click "Delete Certificate", then click "Upload Certificate"

Nice work. Your lab results are entered and will apply to the tested lot!

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