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BioTrack: Upload QA Results for Infused Pre-Rolls and Edibles
BioTrack: Upload QA Results for Infused Pre-Rolls and Edibles

How to upload finished QA potencies and pesticide testing in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 6/5/23

To upload finished potency or pesticide testing for edibles or infused pre-rolls, use GrowFlow's Custom QA fields to save these results and print them on your labels.

I. Upload Custom QA Results

A. Combine your new COA with potency testing with the existing COA from the bulk source of Flower Lot or concentrate into one PDF file. There are many free online tools, a few linked below, which will merge PDF files for you:

B. Click Pass on the existing QA result for the lot:

C. Follow these steps in the QA window:

1. Go to the Custom tab

2. Enter your finished potency values in one or more of the Custom Fields

Note: Anything entered here will be printed on your labels later. You can enter percent or milligram values depending on your product.

3. Click Upload Certificate to upload your combined COA PDF

4. Click Save QA Results

II. Edit Label

A. Go to Admin > Labels/Templates:

B. On your Retail label, click Edit and set the Inventory Type to your finished product type such as MJ Mix Infused, check the Primary? checkbox, then click Save:

Then, click the Editor button to open the editor:

C. In the label editor, click on your preferred textbox, click in the text editor, then click

+ Dynamic Field:

D. Follow these steps to add your QA Custom fields:

1. From the list of dynamic fields, enter "CF" in the search and select the corresponding dynamic fields which you entered your QA information:

{{CF1}} = Custom Field 1

{{CF2}} = Custom Field 2

{{CF3}} = Custom Field 3

{{CF4}} = Custom Field 4

{{CF5}} = Custom Field 5

Click from the list to add the dynamic field to the textbox, or type it in directly surrounded by two layers of brackets.

2. To preview the label for a specific item, enter the full inventory ID in the

Enter ID to Preview box

3. Click Preview to see the result!

See these articles for more in-depth help on using the label editor:

III. Print Labels & Email Vendor

A. Now on your Retail order, use Print/Share to Email QA Certs or Download QA Certs to send or download your combined COA:

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