In this article, we're going to look at how plants move through GrowFlow, from clone through to harvest and beyond. 

But first let's point out a couple of METRC basics:
In METRC, everything pretty much falls into three categories. You have: 

  1. Plants (which need one METRC plant tag per plant)

  2. Plant Batches (aka clones; these can share one METRC plant tag per set of up to 100)

  3. Packages (this is basically everything else, such as large lots of bucked flower or some pre-packaged edibles; these items need one METRC package tag which represents the whole lot

Grow Overview 'Stages':

  1. Packages

  2. Plant Batches

  3. Vegging

  4. Flowering

  5. Harvests

  6. Bulk Inventory

  1. Packages. This first column is where you can see all your packages which are of type 'immature plants'. These are basically the same thing as Clones or Seeds however they are represented by a METRC Package Tag (instead of a METRC Plant Tag). If you purchase any clones from another cultivator, this is where you can find them after you have received the Transfer.Remember!!! After you purchase a 'package' of clones, you'll need to turn them back into a plant 'Batch'. Just click on the green arrow to move them from column 1 to column 2

  2. Plant Batches (Clones, Seeds). This is where you can create new clones (click the New button) and also see all your currently growing batches of clones. Some people like to use column 2 to represent new, unrooted clones, and when they root, move them into the next column (Vegging).

  3. Vegging. Technically speaking, these are still Plant Batches. METRC allows you to create Plant Batches of up to 100 per METRC plant tag. It's a bit weird but in California, METRC does not recognise 'Vegging' plants- they just have a Batch of Immature Plants or Flowering Plants.

  4. Flower. Once you flip your vegging batches into Flower, you'll need to make sure that each Plant has its own METRC plant tag.

  5. Harvest. In California you are required to weigh the full harvested plant (minus root ball) and enter the weight of the batch into the system. This will become known as the 'original wet weight'. After drying, you will also be able to create 'Packages' of material from the harvest batch. After you're done, the harvest batch will be marked as 'finished' and will be hidden from your main screen.

  6. Bulk Inventory. This is where you can see the remaining Packages that have been created from a Harvest Batch.

Grow Overview 'Moves':

Packages (of clones/veg) >>>> Batches of Clones

If you purchase some Clones or Vegging Plants they will arrive with a METRC package tag and you can see them in column 1 of your Grow Overview.

You'll need to 'Unpack' the plants and assign them a METRC Plant Tag, one METRC tag per batch of plants with a maximum allowed quantity of 100 per batch.

To 'unpack' the plants, just (1) use the checkbox then (2) click 'un-pack':

Now that the Package of plants has been turned into a Plant Batch, you can see them in column 2 of your Grow Overview.

Plant Batches (of clones/veg) >>>> Vegging

  1. If you want to move one strain of clones into veg, you can hover on the Strain then click the mini green arrow which will appear when you hover

  2. Or you can move an entire room into veg by clicking the green circular arrow

  3. To create New Clones (or seeds) you can click the 'New' button

Select the entire room of clones or a single strain to move into the Veg Stage by clicking the green arrow:

This opens up the dialog box to create plants from clone batches. Choose how many plants to create from each clone batch. Use the "destroy leftover source" dialog to dispose of clones which aren't going to make it into the Veg stage:

When you hit "Create New Plants" they will be created, given individual GrowFlow IDs and put in the room you designated. Congratulations, you made plants!

Vegging >>>> Flowering

Once you have Veg plants, you may want to move them between rooms. You do that by selecting the plants, either in their room view or in the plant details view, and clicking "Move Rooms"

At the end of their Veg period, you will want to move the plants into Flower. You again return to the left-to-right workflow and select the room or strain within a room you want to move to Flower:

This will open the dialog allowing you to choose which of the plants in the group you want to send to flower. You can optionally choose a particular Flower Room.

At this point, you'll need to assign a unique METRC plant tag for each Flowering Plant. 

Flowering >>>> Harvested

At the end of your plant's life cycle it will be harvested, using the same left-to-right workflow. Here is an article going into depth on the Harvest process


You have now mastered the plant life-cycle on GrowFlow!

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