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Wholesale: Create Clones and Seeds
Wholesale: Create Clones and Seeds

How to create new seeds, clones, and other plant starters from existing plants in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 9/1/23

Here's how to create new plant starters from the growing Vegging or Flowering plants they came from.

On the Grow Overview, click the +New button at the top of the Clones, Seeds column:

Follow these steps to create your plant starters:

1. At the top of the window, select the type of plant starter to create, such as Clone or Seed:

Note: Plant starter options shown will depend on your jurisdiction.

2. Scan or enter plant barcodes in the search or use the filters to locate the growing plants you would like to collect seeds from

3. Enter the quantity of starters to create from one or more plants in the #New column boxes

4. Use the Choose a New Strain field by typing in your desired strain name if you do not have the strain for the starters currently in Veg or Flowering plants

5. Select a room to store the starters

6. Finish by clicking Create New Seeds

A dialogue will then appear confirming the creation as well as providing the ability to print and tag your package(s) of seeds immediately from here using the purple printer icon:

Your starters will now live under the Clones, Seeds column of the Grow Overview:

Plant starters can also be found on the Inventory Overview under the Plants tab:

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