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Wholesale: Move Plants Into Flower
Wholesale: Move Plants Into Flower

Watch this video to learn how to move Vegging Plants into Flower stage in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 9/11/23

Watch this short video on moving plants in Vegging stage into Flower:

On the Grow Overview, click on the green forward arrow next to the vegging plants room or strain group:

Follow these steps in the Move Plants to Flowering Stage window:

1. Select a room and table (optional) to hold the flowering plants

2. Use the filters and the search bar to locate specific plants

3. Select or deselect vegging plants to move into Flower. All plants in strain group or room will be selected by default.

4. Click Move Plants to Flowering

Tip! Use the Undo Flower button to reverse plants back into Vegging stage if a mistake was made.

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