Updated: 8/02/22

In this article, we will walk through the actions that need to first be performed in Metrc before they will reflect in your GrowFlow account. These actions need to be completed in Metrc beforehand to correctly reflect your data in GrowFlow without error. In this guide, we will go over:

  • Importing "Available and Used" Metrc Tags

  • Accepting an Inbound Transfer

  • Promptly Reversing a Harvest

  • Processing a Rejected Order

Importing "Available and Used" Metrc Tags

Metrc does not allow us to sync in new tags, so if you have purchased new tags and do not see them in your Available Tags list, you will need to import these tags using a CSV file from Metrc Follow this amazing article to get those tags imported into GrowFlow:

How to Import Tags in from Metrc to GrowFlow

Accepting an Inbound Transfer

When a supplier sends a transfer to you in Metrc, it will show up on your Transfers page in Metrc first! To accept this transfer you will need to receive it in Metrc after verifying that the tag numbers, quantities, and units of measure are correct. Then you will be able to navigate to GrowFlow and sync your account to bring in the packages to your Inventory Overview.

To accept an Inbound Transfer, navigate to your "Licensed Transfers" tab in Metrc. Then locate the manifest and click "Receive" on the Incoming Transfer tab here:

After clicking "Receive":

  • Confirm all of the packages on the transfer have correct Tag numbers, quantities, and units of measure in Metrc.

  • If you need to reject any items on the transfer, you can check the box for "Reject" next to the line item.

Note: Metrc only allows you to reject the full quantity of a package. Partial rejections are not available. Once the order is accepted, navigate back to GrowFlow and run all Standard Syncs. If you are not sure how to Sync in GrowFlow, review the article linked below:

  • Once the order is accepted, navigate back to GrowFlow and run a manual "Sync".

  • Follow this article to see how to accept an inbound transfer in Metrc:

How to Accept an Inbound Transfer in Metrc

Promptly Reversing a Harvest

When you're connected to Metrc, GrowFlow's "Undo Harvest" function is disabled because Metrc controls the harvest batches. When you recognize soon enough that a harvest entry needs correcting, there are two things that you should do:

  • "Discontinue" the harvest in your Metrc account, if you do this while the option is still available (48-72 hours) and you have not created waste or packages yet, or

  • Contact Metrc support and explain the correction you need to make.

Follow this article to promptly "discontinue" your harvest in Metrc:

Reversing the Harvest of Plants

Processing a Rejected Outbound Transfer

To get rejected items on an outbound transfer returned to your Inventory Overview in GrowFlow, you will first need to go into Metrc and process the rejection. Follow this article here to process your rejected orders:

Processing a Rejection

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