Metrc: Processing Rejections

How to get returned items from a rejected transfer back into GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 08/11/22

So you've sent out a transfer, but the vendor rejected some or all of the packages in Metrc. Where do you go from here? This article has the steps you need to make the packages available in your inventory again.

Step 1: Receive Rejected Transfer

Log into Metrc, and navigate to Transfers. Go to the Rejections tab, and click Receive next to the respective transfer.

Step 2: Process Rejections

After you have clicked Receive you will:

A. Select the room you want the rejected inventory to be placed in

B. Select the reason for the rejection

C. For each package, verify it is the correct Tag ID, and select the room for the item to be placed in

D. Click Receive Transfer

Step 3: Run Inventory Transfers Sync in GrowFlow

In GrowFlow, go to the Admin > Sync page and run the Inventory Transfers and Inventory Transfer Inbound syncs

Step 4: Remove Order Association

Next, we will locate the packages in GrowFlow and disassociate them from the rejected order. This will make them available again to be placed on another order.

  • Note: This step is temporary until we enhance the system to do this for you automatically.

Go to Inventory > Overview and change the View to On Order with the purple drop-down, then click on a rejected item ID:

  • Pro-Tip! Click the top of the PO# column to sort by order number

In the Inventory Detail window, click the red X by the order number to disassociate the package as shown here:

Repeat this for each item that was rejected. Now the items will be back in your inventory and available for sale!

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