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Metrc: How to Receive an Inbound Transfer
Metrc: How to Receive an Inbound Transfer

Here's how to receive an inbound transfer directly in Metrc and see the items in GrowFlow!

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Updated 6/29/22

Let's go into Metrc to receive an incoming transfer, then we will sync the changes into GrowFlow.

1. Log in to Metrc and go to the Transfers page from the top navigation bar. On the Incoming tab, you will see your pending inbound transfer. Click Receive on the far right to receive this transfer.

2. In the pop-up window, use the search bar next to Location to select a room for placing the inventory into

3. After you have checked the transfer information is correct, click Receive Transfer at the bottom of the window

4. Back in GrowFlow, go to the Admin > Sync page, then click to run the Inventory Transfer Inbound Sync

5. Check your Orders > Inbound Orders page to see the received transfer! To see these items in inventory, click on the Manifest #

6. Click View On Inventory in the top right to see the items on your Inventory page

You're all set!

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