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Standalone: Harvest to Testing Happy Path
Standalone: Harvest to Testing Happy Path

Harvesting > Packaging > Submitting a Sample Order > Attaching COA results to Inventory in the GrowFlow Standalone Wholesale platform

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Updated 08/25/2022

  • Note: In this video, flowchart and article text, we use an example of a 10-pound limit in the state’s regulation for the package of the harvest batch material that can be tested. Please substitute your own state’s weight limit for creating packages (lots) before testing.

One of the most commonly asked workflows to review in GrowFlow is the process of harvesting plants, creating packages according to your state's lot requirements, submitting samples from those packages, and lastly - attaching the COA results so the product is ready for sale!

This “Happy Path” overview walks through the entire process, mapping your on-the-ground operations with the proper traceability workflow in GrowFlow.

Below you will find an overview of the process from harvesting to testing, followed by links to articles on specific tasks. If you have any additional questions or would like more resources check out the GrowFlow Help Desk or reach out to your friendly support team via the chat bubble in your GrowFlow account.

Performing a Harvest, and Packaging Inventory from a Harvest Batch in 10lb Packages

Step 1: Plants are Physically Harvested 

at your facility:

  • Physically cut down the plants, and record the raw wet-weight of those plants before hanging them to dry.

  • Note: Harvest batches are strain-specific, so even if you are harvesting a room with multiple strains, record the wet weight in grams for each strain separately.

Step 2: Locate the Plants in GrowFlow

  • Head to the Grow Page. Locate the plants you harvested in the Flower column; hover over those plants with your cursor, and then click the little green arrow pointing towards harvest batches.

  • On the Harvest dialog box, first, confirm that the tags for the plants you are harvesting match those selected on the screen

    • Note: when you select your batch to harvest, all plants of that strain, in that room, will be selected automatically.

Step 3: Enter Harvest Wet Weights:

  • You can enter the total wet weight of all plants in the wet weight box on the top left-hand side of the screen OR enter the wet weights individually for each plant on the bottom right-hand side of the page. Enter a custom Harvest Batch Name if desired, or leave it blank to set as Strain name and date

Use the dialog box to fill in the details of your harvest as follows:

  1. Enter in the total wet weight for your harvest. GrowFlow will automatically divide your wet weight up to an equal weight per plant. Alternatively, you can enter each wet weight individually by ID number below.

  2. You can choose to enter a unique Harvest Batch Name. The system will automatically assign a name if you choose not to

  3. Enter any waste that was collected and weighed separately during your harvest. This waste weight will not be taken out of your total wet weight entered.

  4. Select a drying room for your harvest batch

Once you have all of your details in the Harvest Dialog box, click "Harvest # Plants":

Your harvest will now show up in your Harvest Batch/Drying column as a harvest batch:

Step 4: Plants Dried and Trimmed

  • The plants are dried and trimmed at your location over a couple of weeks. Keep a record of the total amount of flower, trim, and waste you have for each harvest batch in grams.

    • Option 1) Trim close to 10lbs of flower, then enter the data into Growflow to max out testing batches, and get samples out the door asap.

      • Locate the harvest batch on the Grow Page, and click on the desired harvest batch. Enter the total amount of flower, trim, and waste you have collected thus far. Make sure to click the COLLECT ADDITIONAL BOX before clicking CREATE.

      • Note: “Collect Additional” will keep the harvest batch open, so you can pack more inventory at a later date once your team processes the next 10lb, or trims up the final plants in the harvest batch.

  • Option 2) Trim all plants in the harvest batch before entering the data into GrowFlow

    • Locate the harvest batch on the Grow Page, and click on the desired harvest batch. Enter the total amount of flower, trim, and waste you produced from that entire harvest batch

  • If the harvest created more than 10lbs of each type of finished inventory, locate the inventory in the Bulk Inventory column on the Grow Page, hover over that inventory, and click the green arrow pointing to LOT inventory. Use this function to break your inventory packages into 10lbs or less per your state’s testing requirements

The example below shows how we would turn this single large package into two packages - one being a maximum amount of 10lbs, with the original ID representing the remaining grams.

A sample could be pulled from each of these two packages, which are now 10bs or less:

Sending a Sample to a Lab

To start, you will want to have the lab's License number, as well as their driver/vehicle information if they are picking up the samples (or the driver/vehicle information from your team member should you be dropping off the samples). 

You will want to know the ID#'s of the packages you are pulling the samples from, as well as the amount in grams for each sample you want to be sent to the Lab.

Step 1: Head to the Orders Page. Next to the NEW icon, there is a dropdown list - select NEW QA ORDER

1. Create a new order with the type as "Lab"

2. Choose your lab by selecting them from the drop-down list. Make sure to double-check their license number

Step 2: Locate the inventory packages you are pulling the samples from, and enter the number in grams you are physically sending to be tested on the right-hand side of the page.

1. Filter your order screen to find your batches ready for testing by selecting the strain, type, or by searching by the ID number

2. Enter the number of grams for the samples in the "Qty" box

Confirm your order once you have ensured that your weights are correct.

1. Double-check the weight of your samples

2. Click "Confirm Order"

Your screen will automatically go back to the Order Overview page. You can find your lab order quickly by filtering the Order Type, Vendor, or by searching by the order number.

Step 3: Physically remove the samples from the bulk containers holding the product, and package them separately in sample containers.

Move your order to the next stage by clicking the green arrow:

Your order details will open and assign new ID numbers to your samples by clicking the "Package/ Repackage and Fill all Items" button:

Step 4: Print the sample labels to attach to your sample containers by clicking on the printer icon on the pull sheet; attach the labels physically.

Note: label your samples with compliant labels.

1. Click on the printer icon on each line item or on the top of the sheet to print labels

2. Be sure the correct label template for your QA samples is selected in the “Label” column of the Print window

  • Note: GrowFlow provides a label template for QA samples, but if your label stock is other than 2.25 wide x 1.25 tall, you can copy the default label and change the dimensions, as described in parts B and C of the article Create Your Own Custom Labels

3. Once labeling is complete, click "Mark Sales Order as 'Labeled'” - this moves the order to the next steps, and communicates to your team that the samples have been labeled properly.

Step 5: Make the manifest for the order by clicking SELECT DELIVERY OPTIONS (MANIFEST).

Fill out the required information, and complete/confirm the manifest.

  • Note: Make sure to double-check dates, times, delivery driver and vehicle details, and the facility addresses:

You can email the manifest to the lab if desired, and print two copies (recommended) to travel with the samples physically when they leave the facility.

Step 6: Before you leave the facility with the samples, or once the lab picks them up and leaves your facility, move the order to "In Transit". Per traceability, this indicates that the product has left your facility, but has not yet arrived at the end destination.

Step 7: Once the samples have been physically delivered, head into GrowFlow, find the order on the orders page, and click "Set Received"; the order can now be found in your Sales History tab for future reference.

How to Enter COA Results

Step 1: Download COA PDF

  • Once your test results are emailed to you from the Lab, download the PDF file to your PC.

Step 2: Enter the COA info into GrowFlow

  • You can enter the COAs and testing information into GrowFlow by finding the source package on the inventory screen:

Click the yellow "Pending" button to open the lab results window.

Click the yellow "Pending" button to open the lab results window.

  1. Click Upload Certificate to upload the PDF of the COA

  2. Click the "Pending" button to set the results to Pass or Fail

  3. Enter in the values for the results from the certificates provided by your lab

  4. Click "Save QA Results" to set the results to your packages

Your packages will now show on your inventory screen with their results.

  • Note: the information added in the above Results/Terpenoid/Custom boxes can populate on your labels if desired, so adding the COA information that you would like printed on your labels into the above fields is recommended.

  • Note: When you add some (or all) of the tested package onto an order, the test results will follow those packages. If you sublot the large package that was submitted for testing into smaller packages on the inventory page, the testing will follow.


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