In this article, we will go over how to create an order to send your samples to a lab for testing. Before creating your lab order make sure that your source packages for testing are under the batch size limit for your state. Keep in mind that you will need to send out for testing and recieve the results back before you can package or sell any material from your source packages.

Pro-tip: The "Batch ID" for testing is the source package ID found in GrowFlow

How to Create a Lab Sample Order

To start an order of lab samples to be sent out for testing, go to your sales page and click "+ New".

1. Create a new order with the type as "Lab"

2. Choose your lab by selecting them from the drop-down list. Make sure to double-check their license number

Next, build your order by adding the weights of the samples.

1. Filter your order screen to find your batches ready for tesing by selecting the strain, type, or by searching by the ID number

2. Enter the amount of grams for the samples in the "Qty" box

Confirm your order once you have ensured that your weights are correct.

1. Double-check the weight of your samples

2. Click "Confirm Order"

Your screen will automatically go back to the Order Overview page. You can find your lab order quickly by filtering the Order Type, Vendor, or by searching by the order number. Move your order to the next stage by clicking the green arrow:

Your order details will open and assign new ID numbers to your samples by clicking the "Package/ Repackage and Fill all Items" button:

Next, label your samples with compliant labels.

1. Click on the printer icon on each line item or on the top of the sheet to print compliant labels

2. Once labeling is complete, click "Mark Sales Order as 'Labeled'"

Build your manifest and always make sure to double check dates, times, delivery driver and vehicle details, and the facility addresses:

Get your driver ready to head out by printing the manifest:

1. Print your manifest

2. When you are ready, click "Click to Transfer Order"

How to Enter Test Results

When your lab results are returned to you enter them into the system by finding the source package on the inventory screen:

Click the yellow "Pending" button to open the lab results window.

1. Click the "Pending" button to set the results to Pass or Fail

2. Enter in the values for the results from the certificates provided by your lab

3. Click "Save QA Results" to set the results to your packages

Your packages will now show on your inventory screen with their results:

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