Create dynamically generated labels for all of your plants, inventory and retail items using GrowFlow's drag-and-drop feature and layouts.

A. To begin, go to your Admin menu and select "Labels/Templates":

To make new labels you can either copy an existing label or use 'add new label' to start from scratch. To copy an existing label (often easier because the fields and formatting remain in place) choose one you like and press copy:  

Then, open up the label in the new editor by clicking 'Editor': 

B. Canvas

Begin by clicking on the canvas icon to set the name, label/inventory type, and size. Periodically be sure to Save, or ctrl+S, so you don't lose any work!

C. Sections

Sections of text/images can be added or changed here. Click 'Add Text' and it will drop a new section onto the canvas. To add text inside the section, go up to the options toolbar above the canvas and begin typing. 

From here, you can add dynamic text fields by clicking on the + Dynamic Fields button on the right. Scroll or search to find which one you want to use and GrowFlow will instantly show you right on the canvas what it will look like on your label.

In the options bar you can also change the font properties, center your text, vertical align it into the middle of the box, or change the color: 

Change the properties of a section background color, border, or padding on the left-hand side. Padding can be used when you want to add a little breathing room to the top, bottom, left or right of your text:

At any point you can move your sections around, grab a handle and drag to resize them. You can also use the arrow keys to get pixel perfect, and use shift+arrow to move 10px at a time.

You can copy & paste a section using ctrl+c or the options in the upper right of the options bar. There are also up and down arrows where you can arrange the sections back-to-front, and delete one entirely with the trash bin (or delete key).

D. Barcode

Click to drop which style of barcode you want to use. You can resize it to the size you want by using the handles to click and drag.

The left hand options are where you can size to fit, truncate the ID (to only the unique ID, aka what's after the period), and set the bar height and baseline. Baseline is how much space is between the barcode and the numerical ID, positive number being below the barcode, and negative number being above. The best suited baseline will depend on how tall your barcode height is.

*Note*: When using a QR code, there is no numerical compliance ID printed with it, so be sure to add a text section with compliance ID if you choose this method.

E. Background

You can set a background color, border for your label, or even an image. Search uploaded photos and click to drop, and press Remove Image if you decide against it. 

You can also search your images by file name and hover to view a zoom-in version. Click to drop onto the canvas, or hit the trash can to delete.

F. Uploads

Have a new image you want to use? Navigate to the Upload area to add them here. You can drag and drop files right into the box to begin the import. Just be sure they're under 0.5MB and 72dpi.

G. Preview

A print preview window will open up when you select preview. To customize settings, open up the arrow to expand the list. You can turn on/off border lines, enter a specific ID you wish to preview, zoom level, or choose the label template whether single or multi.

You can click on printer settings, send to ZPL, or send a Test Print to your printer as well.

In order to help you maintain flexibility and keep things running fast, we ask you to Save your work as you go, as we wont be doing it for you. Hit ctrl+S periodically or head to the upper left corner to find the Save button.

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