Wholesale: Multi-Label Templates
Print multiple labels per sheet for your Avery or Zebra labels in GrowFlow Wholesale
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Updated 05/26/2021

If you have Avery or Zebra multi-label sheets, you can use the multi-label templates to print more than one on a page. Here's how:

Step 1: Set up a Single Label

Set up an individual label first with the exact dimensions of a single label on the sheet. To find out more on how to do that, check out our Label 101 tutorial.

Step 2: Set up your Multi-label Template

Head over to the Labels/Templates page and select the "Multi-Label Template" tab. From here you can copy an existing GrowFlow template to get started

Once you've copied your label, click on the 'Edit' button to open up the formatting options for the multi-label sheet. Inputs 1-7 are described in more detail below.

1. Name of the label: Model name or Avery sheet works well here, whatever will help you to remember it later
2. Rows: How many rows of labels are in one sheet?
3. Cols: How many columns of labels are in one sheet?
4. Page Type: Is this a letter, legal, or custom? Choose which applies.
5. Page Margin (inches): Every sheet should have a margin on the top, right, bottom, and left-hand side. This is a trouble area, so make sure these are accurate according to your label sheets.
6. Align Table: Center, right, left. (most of the time will be center)
7. Cell Dimension:

  • Height: The height of one single label on the sheet

  • Width: The width of one single label on the sheet

  • Hor. Spacing: The horizontal spacing (shown in the image below)

  • Vert. Spacing: Vertical spacing (shown below)

Sometimes in cases where there are only 3 labels on a page, let's say, there is no vertical spacing so you can just leave that field empty.

Step 3: Select Label Page Format

When printing the items, select the label page format to whatever multi-label template you are printing on. Remember, this must match the size of the individual labels shown in the table in the window for it to work correctly. To update the individual labels all at once, use the 'update all label templates' and that will give them all the same label. 

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