In this article, we will go over how to package your harvest as wet flower, trimmed material, and untrimmed material. This workflow was created to allow for more granular packaging of your post-harvest products. For instance, if you have trimmed sugar leaf, popcorn buds, grade-A flower, etc, you can package it all from that page instead of having to package it all as bulk flower and then separate it later in the inventory page.

Note: if you are packaging wet, freshly harvested plants, see the new workflow below!

1. Select your harvest to package

2. Once you see this dialog box, use the Package Harvest Batch dialog to create your packages of post-harvest material:

A. Create Packages/Waste: Here you can use the drop down lists to select the Products into which you will package your material. If you don't see the strain-specific products you are trying to make, you can use the "Default Product" for the field and GrowFlow will create the strain-specific product for you in the background.

You can choose to package a bulk package of wet or dry flower, untrimmed material, specific grades of flower, and trim packages.

Note: These packages are bulk products only and can include popcorn buds, sugar leaf, trimmed flower, etc - set these products up on your Products page!

B. To add more lines to package, select the over-arching product category such as Flower or Shake.

Note: If you are packaging wet Flower or wet Other Material in Washington, keep in mind that right after you harvest, you'll need to enter the wet weight in the cure dialog as one of those two types. Then click the "Collect Additional" box" if the remaining weight will go through the drying phase. Also, anything that will be tested, including "trim" to be used for prerolls, should be entered as a product name that is set up with the "Flower" traceability type.

C. Enter Waste

D. Optionally, select a room for your packages.

E. If you would like to take more packages out of your harvest at a later date check the "Collect Additional" button to keep the harvest batch open.

Note: You can use this packaging process to create multiple packages of the bulk inventory types. In this image, you can see how to package grades, sizes, and types:

3. Once all of your desired packages are created, click the "Create button" and your new inventory will appear under your "Inventories tab on your Package Harvest batch dialog box.

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