Updated 4/01/2022

Creating QA samples is handled with ease in GrowFlow. You can create QA Samples from the "Create New Order" window and send them to the lab using the sales order process.

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1. Select "New QA Sample" from the Orders menu

2. Select the lab and add samples to the order

Select your QA Lab, and then select the quantity of grams (or units) for the required sample size from the lots (IDs) you want to have tested. Check with your lab for the number of grams or units they require by traceability and test type.

Note: Only select the box in the "NM" column next to the "Qty" field if you are doing a non-mandatory test for R&D purposes. See our article about non-mandatory samples.

3. Preview, and then confirm the order if it looks right.

4. Progress the order into the next column by clicking the green arrowhead:

5. Pack all items

Add more samples to the order by clicking the "Edit" button and selecting "Add Items", or click the "Convert/Sublot and Pack All Items" button to proceed. GrowFlow will sublot the grams/units into a new "Sample ID".

6. Label the samples

Click the printer icon to label your samples:

The "Print Label" window will open where you can select be sure the correct template is selected for your label:

  • For testing "Flower" per the new rules, we have five default labels you can choose from (or copy to customize). There's one label for each of the five weight ranges of dry flower weight, being from 10 pounds up to 50 pounds. You can select the label that corresponds to the weight of the Flower ID being tested so your lab will know they've received the required number of grams.

  • We also have four other default label templates you can use for testing other traceability types or for non-mandatory testing. The full list of Growflow's default QA labels are shown below:

7. Manifest & Transfer

After you click the order's button to "Mark Sales Order as Labeled", click the order's "Select Delivery Options" button and fill in the delivery details.

When you confirm the delivery details, give GrowFlow time to register your manifest on the LCB's Webform site. When that is complete, the LCB's assigned manifest ID will show on your GrowFlow manifest.

When your samples leave the facility to head to the lab, put the order into Transit with the "Click to Transfer Order" button.

Congrats! You just sent off a QA Sample using GrowFlow

What happens next...?

The inventory ID that you took the sample grams/units from will show a yellow "Pending" button. That button is how you will access the page for entering the lab results once you receive them.

The lab will upload the results to CCRS and also send you a certificate (COA).

See our articles for entering lab results:

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