Updated 4/01/2022

Non-Mandatory QA samples are reported to you but not reported to the state. It can be useful if you want to see your cannabinoid levels before deciding on your next step. You'll still need to get a mandatory test if you want to sell with test results reported to the state.

You can take non-mandatory samples from plants or inventory.

Inventory Non-Mandatory QA Sample

  1. on the Orders menu, select "New QA Sample" to start an order

  2. Find the inventory you want to test

  3. Select the "NM" (non-mandatory) checkbox, and enter the quantity needed for the test

  4. You can label your sample using the template "1.25x2.25 Non-Mandatory QA Sample", which will alert your label that the results don't need to be uploaded to CCRS

  5. Progress the order as you would for other orders

Plant Non-Mandatory QA Sample 

Head over to the "Plants" page and select any plants you would like to obtain results for.

Click the "More" button and select "QA":

A popup window will open where you can choose a lab and the size of the samples per plant:

Finally, create a new QA Order and use the Type filter to select "Non-Mandatory QA Sample" and add the plant samples to the order.

Now just process the order and manifest like any other order.

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