Updated 3/31/2022

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Recognizing that you probably have inventory that was produced and processed before the new mandatory pesticide testing rules were in effect, and that you may have product that complied with the prior testing rules, the LCB has advised the following:

  • The new rules are effective April 2, 2022, but to provide a reasonable “phase in” period, all postharvest marijuana products in the possession of or being processed by a producer, processor, or producer/processor before April 2, 2022 may be sold through September 30, 2022

  • For retailers, to provide a reasonable “sell down” period, all marijuana product sold after December 31, 2022 must have an accompanying certificate of analysis, or COA demonstrating the retail product is in compliance with the rules that went into effect on April 2, 2022

With the above caveat, here's how the new rules work:

  1. Pesticide testing on recreational products is required (it's already required on medical products, as is heavy metals testing). The LCB will be allowed to do heavy metals testing on recreational products at random, or as part of an investigation.

  2. Guidelines for labeling your products have not changed. Regarding pesticides, The LCB still wants labels to have a statement disclosing all pesticides applied to the marijuana plants and growing medium during production of the useable marijuana or the base marijuana used to create the concentrate or the extract added to infused products.

  3. The testing rules do not affect "Other Material" traceability types or "Wet Flower" as those are not allowed to have test results attached and are meant only for extraction. (Non-mandatory tests are okay for R&D, but results for those won't need to be uploaded to CCRS.)

  4. Concentrates and infused cooking oil must also be tested for pesticides. Check with your lab on the total quantity of grams they will require for mandatory testing.

  5. Sampling Rules for Dried Flower

    1. Growers that sell tested Flower Lots will get all mandatory testing done before lotting the Flower. Enter the test results to the Flower ID before lotting so the results will be passed to each Lot.

    2. Check with your lab on their specific requirements, but below is the minimum number of sample grams required

Flower weight

Flower weight in grams

Min # sample grams

Up to 10 lbs



10 or more but < 20 lbs



20 or more but < 30 lbs



30 or more but < 40 lbs



40 or more but not more than max 50 lbs



Note: GrowFlow now limits the amount of dry weight you can create of type "Flower" to 50 pounds to assist in not going above the testing weight limit


  • The max weight limit for traceability types "Flower Lot" and "MJ Mix" have not been increased (yet). The limit is still 5 pounds.

  • We made some default label templates you can use for Flower testing - see them in step 6 of the article WA Standalone: Create QA Order for Mandatory Testing

  • Transfers of cured flower, whether tested or untested (for extraction use), must still be done as Flower Lots or MJ MIx

  • MJ Mix can be sent for mandatory testing including pesticides

  • Click here to see the full regulation on "Quality assurance and quality control"

  • Click here to see the full regulation on "Quality control sampling"

If you have further questions about interpreting these rules for your business, please reach out to your enforcement officer or email [email protected].

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