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How to update your email address, DBA, and manage other Account Settings in GrowFlow Wholesale

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To update your account information such as the primary email on your account, you can manage this in your Account Settings.

Check out the sections below for GrowFlow account settings specific to these traceability systems:

Manage Account Settings

1. Hover over your account name in the top-right corner and click Account Settings from the drop-down.

2. Update your information by overwriting the field entries and click Update GrowFlow Account when completed.

  • Account Name

  • DBA

  • Company email

  • Company phone number

  • Street address, city, state, and zip code


  • To update the email and phone number on your invoices and manifests, reach out to chat support. The email and phone number entered here do not populate what is entered on your invoices and manifests.

  • Your company email is used to send invoices, manifests, and QA certificates (COAs) when you use the Print/Share feature on outbound orders.

3. Upload a company logo. This will populate the logo on your invoices.

4. If your license number, UBI, license ownership, or location has changed, please reach out to chat support and we'll make sure your account is up-to-date.

5. Other account settings include managing your billing subscription, users and permissions, integrations, or submitting an account cancellation request.


Metrc-Specific Account Settings

Your Metrc API key can be entered and tested under Traceability Credentials:

Here are some additional settings exclusive to Metrc users. Check the box and click Update GrowFlow Account to enable these settings:

A. Use Metrc tag owners

If enabled, this setting allows Metrc tags to be assigned to individual users to restrict the use of tags to only those that have been assigned to that Metrc user.

B. Give line-items a new ID

This setting changes the default behavior of how tags are applied when packing an order. If enabled, a new ID will be applied to packages even if the entire package is being packed on the order. This may be used if you wish to apply a new tag because the old one is missing or not in good condition.

BioTrack-Specific Account Settings

Enter your BioTrack login credentials under Traceability Credentials, then click Update Traceability Credentials.

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