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Wholesale: Manage Subscription
Wholesale: Manage Subscription

How to view subscription details, past invoices, current account balance, and update billing information in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 03/14/2023

Access Subscription Details

1. To head to your Billing portal, hover over your account name in the top-right corner of your account and select Account Settings from the drop-down.

2. Select Manage Subscription

3. Upon entering your Billing portal, you can view your current Account Balance in the top-right.

Update Billing Information

The current Billing information is listed just under the Account Balance. Click Edit to update the card on file or the current card's information. Once the information is updated accordingly, click Update.

View Subscriptions

To the left of the Billing Information is a breakdown of your current GrowFlow subscriptions.

View Past Invoices

Scroll down, below your subscriptions, to view past invoices.

1. Click on the Invoice Number to view the invoice

2. Click on the download icon to download or print the invoice

3. Click All Invoices to view all invoices

If you find that a past invoice is not listed here, you need to make a payment, or have questions about your subscription, reach out to us in chat!

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