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Wholesale: Plants Overview
Wholesale: Plants Overview

A complete walkthrough of the Plants Overview in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Plants Overview

Access the Plants Overview via Grow > Plants. The Plants Overview offers a list view of all individual plants, immature plant batches, and harvests.

Filter, Search, & Views

1. Filter the Plants Overview by Strain, Room, Table, or Plant Stage

2. Search by plant IDs by pasting an ID(s) into the search bar. Click on the blue downward arrow to expand the search field.

3. View the list of Plants by Growing, Harvested, Cured, or Destroyed

4. The number of plants, clones and seeds, and harvests in the list view will be the tallied number of Showing Records. When line items are selected, they will be tallied as the Checked Records.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on the left or right arrows or the page numbers to change page views

6. Click on the drop-down to select the number of line items to view per page



The Plants tab displays a list of individual plants. If applicable to the plant, each line item includes the strain, unique identifier, mother plant ID, growth stage status, assigned room name and table, the number of days in the room, parent ID, age by days, harvest, birth date, and the date the plant was last modified.

Clones and Seeds or Batches

The Clones and Seeds tab, also known as the Batches tab in Metrc states, displays a list of Immature Plant Batches. If applicable to the batch, each line item includes the strain, product name, the unique batch identifier, mother plant ID, type of immature plant batch, room name and table, quantity of clones or seeds per batch, and the birth date.


The Harvests tab displays a list of your harvests. If applicable to the harvest, each line item includes the strain, unique identifier, harvest status being open or closed, room name, harvest stage, number of plants per harvest, the harvest date, the totals for wet flower and other material weight entered, the totals for dry flower and other material packaged, and the total waste weight entered.

Click Show All to view a list of all open and closed harvests.

Notes for Metrc users:

  • The Harvests tab will also display the number of packages created from each harvest, as well as the total remaining wet weight that has not yet been packaged or entered as waste weight.

  • Click Show Closed to view a list of all open and closed harvests.

  • A Cost per Plant column is available with Cultivation COGS. See Costing Plants, Harvests, & Inventory for more information. If you do not yet have COGS enabled in your account, reach out to chat support.


Double-click on any column header to sort the list view alphanumerically based on that specific column.

Actions Area


Click Export to export a .csv file of the current list in your view. Note that the file will be exported with any filters, searches, selected view, selected tab, and column sorting applied.

Apply Additives

Select any line item(s) then click Apply Additiv. to apply any additives or recipes you have previously set up. Additives are managed via Grow > Additives.




Click Waste to view any Grow Waste that has been scheduled for destruction.

See Wholesale: Destroy Plants to permanently destroy Plants in your Waste Log.


The options available in the More menu differ depending on your state-mandated traceability. Please refer to your applicable jurisdiction below.

BioTrack, Washington, & Standalone States


Add Note: Select a plant or multiple plants, then click More > Modify to apply a note that will be viewable in the Plants Details.

Collect Waste: Click More > Collect Waste to enter your daily plant waste collected.

Sell Plants: See Sell Vegging Plants. Applicable to all BioTrack, WA, and Standalone users.

QA: Click More > QA to create a non-mandatory plant sample to send for QA testing.

Metrc States

Add Note: Select a plant or multiple plants, then click More > Modify to apply a note that will be viewable in the Plants Details.

Tags: Click More > Tags to view a full list of your available, used, and voided Plant and Package tags.

Sell Plants: See Metrc: Sell Vegging Plants for our recommended workflow for packaging Vegging plants for sale or transfer.

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