Standalone: Selling Veg Plants

How to make Veg Plants into sellable batches and transfer them to another license in GrowFlow's Standalone Wholesale platform

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Updated 08/23/2022

Standard industry practice is generating plant starts and selling them to other growers to fill out and be flowered. This way, many cultivators take advantage of extra cultivation areas to generate early revenue. GrowFlow allows you to track and report this important activity!

The first thing to know is that only clones, seedlings, and immature plant batches can be sold in GrowFlow.

  • Note: If you are selling clones or seedlings you don't need to take any extra steps. Your clones and seedlings are already available when creating an order or adding items to an order to allow for creating these orders per normal workflows. 

Sell Vegging Plants

If you are selling larger plants that are already in the Veg column you'll need to take one extra step: Marking the plants as sellable. This will group your Veg plants into an "Immature Plant Batch", under one ID, in the clone column. 

A. Locate your sellable plants via the Plants Overview by heading to Grow > Plants, or, clicking on the "Plants" button atop the Veg column on the Grow Overview.

B. On the Plants Overview:

  1. Select the Plants

  2. Click "More"

  3. Click "$ Sellable Plants"

C. You will then be met with a confirmation window. Click "Create Sellable Plants" to confirm.

You'll now find the plants in the clone column as well as the Order Page to be placed on your next order!

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