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Retail: Store Settings Overview
Retail: Store Settings Overview

A quick guide to adding and updating your store's business information.

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In this article, we will review the Store Settings page. The Store Settings page is where you can configure your basic cashier and drawer functions, input your license and location information, and define location-specific settings. If you are connected to a state traceability system, such as Metrc or CCRS in WA, you can also enable that connection from this page.

Navigate to the Store Settings page by clicking on the Store Settings icon button found on the left-side navigation bar.

Store Details

A. Name: This field is designated for your store or business name.

B. Store Type: There are currently three store types available to our users. Medical, Recreational, or a combination of the two (Med/Rec) which allows both Medical and Recreational sales.

If you intend to sell non-THC products and you are a Medical store, please contact our Client Experience team via the chat bubble on the lower right corner of your screen.

C. Manager: In this field, you will designate your manager. This will allow GrowFlow to verify their position and facilitate manager-level requests.

D. Assistant Manager: Like the Manager field, this field is reserved for your assistant manager. Designating this will allow GrowFlow to identify requests from management.

E. License Number: This field is reserved for your state dispensary license information.

F. Business License: This field is reserved for your local municipality’s business license.

G. Phone: The store’s phone number. This information can be displayed on your receipts.

H. Email: A public-facing email address for your business. This information can be displayed on your receipts.

I. Website: Your store's website. This information can be displayed on your receipts.

Store Location

A. Address: The physical address of the store should be input here. Please avoid the use of P.O. boxes and instead use the location of the dispensary.

B. City: The city where your dispensary is located.

C. State: The state where your dispensary is located.

D. Zip Code: Your dispensary’s ZIP code should go here.

E. Time Zone: Your dispensary's time zone. It is important that the correct time zone is recorded here as it will affect how reports are generated in your account.


Use the Add Open Hours button to set your days and hours of operation.

Delivery Blocks

Delivery blocks are displayed during checkout so customers know when delivery is available from your store. Customers will only be able to select blocks that end at least one hour from the checkout time. It's recommended that the delivery blocks you set up are at least two hours long.

Delivery Radius

The number of miles from your store address to include in the delivery area. This should be a positive, whole number.


A. Cash Management

  • One User Per Register: Allow only one user per register. When this option is selected, one user will start and end the shift and its associated drawer. Only this user will be able to make sales from their register. This option is better for stores that value accountability over flexibility.

  • Many Users Per Register: Allow multiple users per register. When this option is selected, one user will start and end the shift and its associated drawer, but any user can use their PIN number to perform sales at the register. This will associate their username with the sales they completed. This option is better for stores that value flexibility over accountability.

B. Shift Drawer Count

  • As Total Amount: Using As Total Amount will require you to sum up all of the cash in the drawer and input the total amount received.

  • As Tender Count: This requires you to input the count of all cash denominations (1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, etc.) to close/open a shift.

C. Inclusive Taxes: When inclusive taxes are enabled, all product pricing will include taxes, and taxes will be subtracted from the product price. This setting is to better show your customer's OTD (out-the-door) pricing.

  • Apply $ Discounts to Post-tax Price: You must be using Inclusive Taxes to enable this setting. This option will apply the item and order dollar amount discounts to the post-tax sales price. For example, with inclusive taxes and post-tax discounts enabled, if you have an order item that is $10 dollars and you apply a $5 dollar off discount, the post-tax total will be $5 dollars.

D. Enable Discount Stacking: Allows discounts to be stacked on top of each other on an individual discount basis. For more information on discount stacking, please refer to this article.

E. Always Allow Loyalty Discounts to Stack Once: Allows all loyalty discounts to stack with other discounts even when Enable Discount Stacking is turned off. This will only allow one loyalty discount to be present per item or order. If you want to only allow specific loyalty discounts to stack, only enable Allow Loyalty Stacking from the loyalty discount profile.

F. Disable Manual Package ID Input: Disabling manual Package ID input will turn off the predictive package ID search in the cart and disable Add to Cart from the Products Page. Use this option to require your budtenders to scan items into the cart. This will help reduce mistakes when adding products to the cart.

G. Disallow Sales of Out-of-Stock Package IDs: Prevents items from being added to an order if the stock of the package is zero or below.

H. Disallow Sales on Items Below Cost: Some states do not allow items to be sold below cost. This option will prevent orders from completing if an item is being sold for below cost. If that is a rule in your state, or if you simply don't want products being sold below cost, enable this option.

I. Enable Other Payment Method: Use this option if your store accepts payments other than cash.

J. Require Receipt ID for 'Other' Payment: Use this option to require budtenders to enter a Receipt ID when accepting payments via the Other payment type.

K. Disable the ability to Add Many to Order: While the "Add Many to Order" button in the cart is a time-saver when adding multiple items from the same Package ID, it can sometimes lead to user error and inventory discrepancies if different Package IDs are present in the order. Enable this toggle if you want to hide this option at the register and require budtenders to scan/enter every individual item into the cart.

L. Enable Fix for Tax Exempt Customers: When these 3 conditions are true there is a known issue: 1) Medical-specific pricing is present, 2) Tax-exempt customers exist, and 3) Inclusive Tax is enabled. Toggle this button to enable the fix.

M. Allow Admins to Edit the Order Completion Time: Controls the visibility of the Edit option for completed orders. Enabling this setting will allow users with Admin permissions to edit the date/time an order is completed. When this is disabled, only Organization Admin users will be able to see and use the Edit option.

N. UPC and SKU Scanning in Cart: Allow for the scanning of UPC and SKUs at the register. This will allow budtenders to look up products via the UPC and SKU codes attached to them.

O. Phone Number Required For Pickup: Require your customer to enter a phone number when placing a pick-up order. Please note that delivery orders always require a phone number.

Transfer Settings

Transfer Package Cost Input: Select an option for entering the cost of a package from a transfer. There are three available options:

  • Enter Cost per Unit Only: Enter the cost-per-unit of the package. GrowFlow Retail calculates the Total Package Cost based on the quantity times Cost per Unit.

  • Enter Total Package Cost: Enter the package's total cost. GrowFlow Retail calculates the Cost per Unit based on the total cost divided by quantity.

  • Enter either Cost per Unit or Total Package Cost: You'll be able to enter either Cost per Unit or Total Package Cost and we'll update the other respective field.

Rounding Settings

Do Not Allow Items to be Discounted Below: Set a dollar value to define the lowest price an item can be discounted to. If you are using Inclusive Taxes, the value set here includes taxes. If taxes are Non-Inclusive, this value will not include taxes.

Round Order Totals: Round up your order totals to the nearest nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar and/or round down the order total to the set value to minimize the change used in-store. When rounding, the base price of the product is changed.

This setting can only be used if taxes are set as Non-Inclusive.

Android Tablet, iPad, and Windows App Print & Drawer Settings

These settings only apply when using the GrowFlow Retail application for iPadOS, Android, or Windows PC. These settings do not apply when accessing GrowFlow Retail through the Chrome browser.

A. Open Drawer On Complete Order: GrowFlow Retail will send a request to your receipt printer to open the cash drawer on completion of an order.

B. Open Drawer On Money Drop: GrowFlow Retail will send a request to your receipt printer to open the cash drawer when a money drop action is completed from the Cashier's screen.

C. Open Drawer On Start/End Shift: GrowFlow Retail will send a request to your receipt printer to open the cash drawer when a shift is started or ended.

D. Auto-print Receipt On Complete Order: GrowFlow Retail will send a request to the receipt printer to automatically print the receipt on order completion.

E. Auto-print Exit Labels On Complete Order: GrowFlow Retail will send a request to your label printer to automatically print all exit labels for an order upon completion.

If this setting is enabled, exit labels will be printed for all products. You can not currently limit which products exit labels print for or do not print for.

Customer Management

A. Anonymous Customers: Enabling this setting allows you to create one-time Recreational customers for people who do not wish to give their information to the store.

If the Customer Queue setting is enabled at the same time as the Anonymous Customers setting, you will be required to enter a name for the Customer before adding them to the queue.

B. Customer Queue: Enabling this setting will turn on the Customer Queue in your store. Customer Queue is best suited for stores that have a waiting room and call in customers by name. Turning off the Customer Queue setting is best for stores that have a line and start an order for the customer immediately when they arrive at the register.

The maximum queue size is 250 customers at a time.

C. Hide PII Fields on Customer Form: For those who don’t want to capture any personal identifiable information about their customers, turning this toggle on will hide all non-required fields on the customer form, such as address, sex, DOB, status, etc. This setting will change the Name field to a Customer ID field.

D. Allow ID Scanning for Check-In: Enable this setting to allow budtenders to scan IDs to check in customers.

Loyalty Program

A. Loyalty Program: Enable this toggle if you would like to set up a loyalty program in your store to allow customers to earn points for every dollar spent at the register.

B. Earn Points When Points Spent On Order: By default, customers do not earn points on orders when points are spent on the order. Select this option if you want your customers to gain points on the order total when points are spent.

C. Earn Points On Tax: By default, loyalty customers will earn loyalty points on pre-tax prices, e.g. if customers earn 1 point per dollar spent, an order for $5 post-tax/$4.50 pre-tax will give the customer 4 points.

This setting allows customers to earn points on taxes, e.g. if customers earn 1 point per dollar spent, an order for $5 post-tax/$4.50 pre-tax will give the customer 5 points.

D. Referred Earn Points on Referral: By default, when someone is referred to the store, only the party referring them receives points. Enabled this setting for both parties to earn points when referring.

E. Points Per Dollar: Enter the number of points the customer will earn for each dollar they spend.

F. Points Per Referral: Enter the number of points the customer will be given for providing a referral.

Learn more about setting up a loyalty program and how to set up a loyalty discount by using the links below.

User Settings

Enable this setting to use the Time Clock feature for employee time punches and timecard management.

Use these links to learn more about using Time Clock:

Menu Settings

If you would like to use GrowFlow Retail's embeddable menus, or integrate with a third-party menu service, enable the Menus setting.

If the menu service you are using supports pre-orders, enable the Pre-orders setting. This will allow you to link your GrowFlow inventory to an external menu hosting service such as Weedmaps, Leafly, Dutchie, or I Heart Jane.


Enable the QuickBooks Online integration by enabling the Turn On QuickBooks setting and completing the setup wizard.

Please note that our integration will only work with QuickBooks Online and not the desktop version.

Traceability Settings

If you are using a state traceability system such as Metrc or BioTrack, or if you are looking to connect to the GrowFlow-to-GrowFlow API, you will need to complete this section to establish your connection to the system.

If you need any additional assistance connecting to your state traceability system or the GrowFlow API, please reach out to our Client Experience team via the chat bubble in your account.

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