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WA Standalone: Completing Orders & Processing Rejections
WA Standalone: Completing Orders & Processing Rejections

Completing delivered and accepted orders or processing rejected items at the time of the delivery

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The information available for orders post-delivery varies based on whether your customer utilizes GrowFlow. If both parties use GrowFlow, the system will automatically synchronize GrowFlow-to-GrowFlow transfers on our servers. However, if your customer doesn't use GrowFlow, it is up to you to determine whether the order was accepted in full, or if the vendor rejected some items. It is considered a best practice to be informed about whether your driver returned with any rejected items from the delivery.

There are two methods of completing orders:

Note: If items were not rejected at the time of a delivery and returned to you on a separate manifest, see:

Received: Order is accepted in full at delivery

GrowFlow-to-GrowFlow Transfer

If the receiving party also uses GrowFlow and the order is accepted in full at delivery, the order will automatically drop from the view in the In Transit column on the Orders Overview and can then be found via Orders > Sales History with an order stage of Delivered.

See Sales History Overview for more information

The customer does not use GrowFlow

If an order is not automatically cleared from the In Transit column and you have confirmed the order has been accepted, this is an indication that the receiving party does not use GrowFlow.

On the Orders Overview, click Set Received on the order's tile. This action will close the order as completed in full and set its order stage as Delivered on Sales History.

Note: We recommend closing orders when you have confirmed they are received as the Orders Overview only has the capacity to hold 1000 orders at a time. Once the maximum is reached, orders in the In Transit column will be removed as you receive and create new orders, or new orders in any stage will not populate on the Overview.

Partial Returns: The order has rejected items

GrowFlow-to-GrowFlow Transfer

1. The order will show you a yellow Partial Returns banner and a red arrow pointing to the left. This means you need to take action.

2. Open the order and click ⬅ View Possible Returns

If you agree with the numbers in the Qty Rejected column based on the actual delivery, then:

3. Click All

4. Select a Room for the Received Inventory

5. Click Import Rejected Items


  • Only the partially or fully rejected line items will show a quantity greater than zero in the Qty Rejected column.

  • It's okay that using the All button selects line items that may have been accepted in full because GrowFlow will only adjust your inventory up for the selected line items with a Qty Rejected that is greater than zero.

6. If the vendor made a mistake and the Qty Rejected appears incorrect, you can edit this field before importing.

Tip: Hover your cursor over the Qty Shipped for a reminder of what the customer originally entered as the rejected quantity.

5. After Import Rejected Transfers is clicked, the order will close and its order stage on Sales History will show Returned, meaning some portion of the order was rejected. The To Inventory IDs for rejected quantities will be adjusted and can be found on the Inventory Overview.

The customer does not use GrowFlow

No automatic rejection notifications will appear in GrowFlow. Instead, you will need to take the initiative to open the order and select View Possible Returns. In doing so, you'll find a list of all order line items and sent quantities. Your task will be to identify and input the precise quantities of rejected items for each relevant line item. To assist in this process, you may want to consult any notes on the manifest or any external communications you've had with the driver or buyer.

1. First, check the Select box at the right of any line item fully or partially rejected

2. Enter the quantities rejected on the selected line items in the Qty Rejected fields

3. Select a Room for the Received Inventory

4. Click Import Rejected Transfers. This will close the order, set the order stage on Sales History Returned, and adjust the transferred To Inventory IDs up to the amount of what was rejected.

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