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Wholesale: Sales History Overview
Wholesale: Sales History Overview

A complete walkthrough of the Sales History page in GrowFlow Wholesale

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The Sales History page provides a comprehensive record of your outbound orders in a list view and is available for exporting your sales data.

1. Access your Sales History via Orders > Sales History

2. Use the search bar to search by order number or manifest ID

3. Use filters to narrow the page results down by:

  • Order Source:

    • GrowFlow: Orders created directly in GrowFlow

    • Live Store: Order Requests placed in your LIVE Marketplace store

    • LeafLink: Orders placed in your integrated LeafLink account

  • Sales User

  • Customer

4. Use the Date Filter to view orders within a specific time frame

Note: Sales History is populated by the selected date of transfer. Use the date filter to view orders scheduled for future delivery if an order's transfer date is set for a later time.

5. In the upper-right corner, you'll find the total sales amount shown within your current display

6. #Orders displays the number of orders shown within your current display

Note: Keep in mind that the displayed total sales and #Orders include any search criteria and filters you've applied.

7. To view deleted orders, check the Show Deleted box. To switch your page view back to active orders, simply uncheck this box.

8. Click on the green Connect button to connect a QuickBooks Online account to GrowFlow

9. Click on the left or right arrows or the page numbers to change page views or click on the drop-down to select the number of line items to view per page

10. Double-click on any column header to sort the list view alphanumerically based on that specific column. Available columns include order number, customer name and license number, order source type, order type and stage, assigned sales user, invoice date, established delivery date, transfer date, and invoice total.

11. Click on the blue text in the Sales User column to assign or re-assign the sales user of the order

12. Click on an order's number to access the individual order

13. Click Export to export a .csv file of the current order list in your view. Note that the file will be exported with any filters, search criteria, and column sorting applied.

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