Updated 04/01/2022

If you’re expecting an inbound transfer or return from a vendor who has provided either a WCIA link or a JSON file for the transfer, follow this guide to automatically fill in the details of the transfer and import the items into your inventory! (No link or file? Click here!)

A. Have your WCIA link (URL starting with “https://”) or JSON file (ends in “.json”) ready to use in GrowFlow. The link or file will have been sent to you by your vendor.

B. Head to Orders>Inbound Orders:

C. Click the blue button for Import External Inbound Transfer:

D. Click the blue Import WCIA button on the right:

E. Start your import using your link or file with the following options:

Option A: WCIA link (URL)

  • Paste or drag your entire WCIA link in the entry field under “Paste a WCIA link here” then click the blue Import Data button to preview the transfer details:

Option B: JSON file

  • Click the grey area to upload your JSON file from your desktop or drag & drop the file into the grey area, then click the blue Import Data button to preview the transfer details:

F. Review and import your order:

1. Assign product names if needed under Assign Product or Template.

2. If items are being returned, check the Return checkbox for any returns.

3. Select a room to import your items into.

4. Click Import # Line Items to complete the import!

G. Now the order will appear on your Orders>Inbound Orders page. Click on the Manifest # to view the transfer details, invoice, and QA:

H. From here you can click View On Inventory to see the items in your inventory space!

Helpful Hints for Importing:

  • Need to make a new product? Click Create Product Template:

  • They sent the wrong traceability type? You can click the blue name under Type to select the correct traceability type for any items transferred in the wrong type:

You're all set! Nice work!

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