Updated 04/01/2022

If your customer does not use GrowFlow or does not provide a WCIA link or JSON file for a transfer or return you are expecting, follow the steps below to use the Import External Inbound Transfer form to import the items into your inventory! (Oh, you do have one of those links or files? Click here!)

A. Head to Orders>Inbound Orders:

B. Click the blue button for Import External Inbound Transfer:

C. Complete these steps to fill out the form:

1. Select your supplier from the Supplier dropdown;

2. Enter your External Manifest ID shown on the vendor's manifest you received.

  • Note: Avoid using space characters when entering the External Manifest ID!

3. Enter the Transfer Date;

4. Select or fill in each detail for each line item on the transfer:

  • Type: This is the traceability type of the item. Ex: Flower Lot, Hydrocarbon Concentrate, etc.

  • External ID#: The "From ID" received from the supplier and printed on their manifest

  • Strain: Enter the strain name if you will be using a Product Template to assign the product in the next step

  • Product or Product Template: Select the Product Template if you already entered a strain in the last step, or enter the strain-specific Product. If you need a new Product Template, you can create one by clicking Create New Product Template, located above the list of line items (it will take you right back to the import page after you create it).

  • Receiving: This is the number of grams or units you are receiving.

  • Return: Check this box for some or all items being returned to you from a previous outbound transfer:

  • Total: The total price per line item.

5. Click +Add Line Item to create another line item and continue until you have entered the details for each line item on your inbound transfer;

6. Select a room to place your imported inventory into;

7. Review your entries and finish by clicking Import # Line Items to complete your import!

D. Now the order will appear on your Orders>Inbound Orders page. Click on the Manifest # to view the transfer details, invoice, and QA:

E. From here, you can click the View On Inventory button at the top right to see the items on your Inventory Overview!

You're all set! Great work!

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