Updated 3/31/2022

We’ve updated our Harvest workflows to reflect life in the bright, new world of WA Standalone! But don’t worry. Harvesting is still an easy, straightforward process. We’ll begin on the Grow Overview page.

A. Harvesting Your Plants

1. From the Grow Overview page, locate the Flower column. To advance Flowering plants to the Drying stage, click the small green ​arrow to the right of the strain name you want to harvest

  • Note: All harvests must be strain-specific

2. Make sure that only the plants that you are harvesting are checked in GrowFlow's Harvest window. By default, all of the plants of the selected strain in the room will be selected, leaving it up to you to deselect plants to be excluded.

a) Enter the total harvest weight in the top left textbox. The weight will be divided evenly between all the plants you’re harvesting.

b) Enter the total waste weight in the top right textbox. (Waste weight is in addition to harvest weight.) Waste weight will also be divided evenly between all the plants you’re harvesting.

c) Select the drying room you want to use

d) If you wish to enter an estimated cost of the harvest you may do so here. Note that we will further develop the COGS feature in the future; for now this is an information only field that you can reference.

e) Manicure: Check off the "Manicure" checkbox if you’re performing a partial harvest and still need to leave these plants in the Flowering stage

f) Click the Harvest Plants button when you’re ready to go!

3. After you click "Harvest Plants", the Harvest window will close, and the Package Harvest Batch window will open. If you’re ready, you can use this screen to put fresh harvest material (Wet Flower or Wet Other Material) straight into your inventory for extraction or to transfer to another license to dry there. If the material needs to dry or cure for longer, you can close this window and move on to your next task.

B. Packaging Your Harvest and Creating Bulk Inventory

1. Fresh (wet) harvest material - If you want to package fresh harvest material for immediate use or transfer, click the blue "New Package" button and select "Wet Flower" or "Wet Other Material" (or select each in succession), then enter the number of grams for that type

  • If you also intend to dry any remaining weight, click the "Collect Additional" box to keep the harvest batch open

2. When your plants have dried and cured, you'll want to package the dry weight. Below is the Package Harvest Batch window for the 5 Alaskan Thunder plants we just harvested:

Effective April 2, 2022 producers need to do all mandatory QA testing on cured Flower before lotting, unless the Flower Lots are intended for extraction use. This includes all previous mandatory tests in addition to the new requirement for pesticide testing. GrowFlow now limits the amount of dry weight you can create of type "Flower" to 50 pounds to assist in not going over the upper weight limit for testing purposes.

If you don't have more than 50 pounds of dry Flower and it's not intended for extraction, you can make one package of it all so you can send fewer sample grams to the lab and pay for one test.

For more information on testing, see our help article called WA Standalone: QA Testing Rules.

a) Enter the dry weight of the Flower and Other Plant Material that you gathered out of this round of trimming your harvest batch.

Note: We give you a drop down list in the "product" fields so you can choose to differentiate your bulk packages by making uniquely named product templates for them

b) In the Waste Weight (grams) box, enter the amount of waste weight that you gathered.

c) If you need to create another package to record additional weight of a different amount or with a different product name, use the New Package pulldown menu. You can create additional packages of Flower or Other Plant Material. You can also record Wet Flower or Wet Other Material now if you forgot to record it earlier.

Note: The "Total Deducting" number will automatically be calculated based on the package weights you enter plus the waste weight entered. It’s a great way to keep track of how much weight you’re packaging compared to the total weight of the harvest batch.

d) If you still have more material in your harvest batch and will need to create additional packages of Flower or Other Plant Material at a later date, check the "Collect Additional" box! The Harvest Batch will remain open and be available for you in the Drying section so you can pull it up later.

3. If the numbers have been confirmed, and you’ve decided to either keep the harvest batch open (Collect Additional) or allow it to close, and you’re ready to enter this bulk inventory, click Create!

4. After you click Create, the Harvest Batch Window will refresh, and you’ll see the bulk inventory you just created listed in the Inventory tab. You can find those items on your account’s Inventory page as well! (Waste amounts will be listed on the "Disposals" tab.)

5. You will also see that the Harvested, Waste, and remaining figures have all been updated to reflect the weight we just deducted from this harvest batch. Similarly, the quantity and waste weight fields have been returned to 0.

Congratulations!! You have just completed harvesting your plants and making inventory out of the finished flower/plant material.

Well done!

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