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Wholesale: Re-Open a Closed Harvest
Wholesale: Re-Open a Closed Harvest

Accidentally close a Harvest? No worries! Learn how to simply locate and reopen a harvest in GrowFlow Wholesale!

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Updated 9/1/23

1. From the Grow Overview, click the Harvests button at the top of the Drying column:


Go to the Grow > Plants > Harvests tab:

2. From here, click the yellow Show All button:

3. Use the filters or search bar to locate the closed harvest, then click on the ID# button:

4. In the Package Harvest Batch window, click the More dropdown in the upper left below the harvest details:

5. Then click "Edit"

6. Change the Harvest State to Open and the Harvest Stage to Wet, then click Save:

7. The harvest will now be re-opened and returned back to the Drying column on the Grow Overview:

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