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LIVE Marketplace: Happy Path
LIVE Marketplace: Happy Path

A happy path to setting up your LIVE Marketplace with pre-packaged products. Start profiting quickly!

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Updated as of 11/03/21

Your GrowFlow account comes equipped with a LIVE Marketplace store and after a few quick setup steps, you'll be ready to start profiting! Follow along with the Happy Path flowchart to show the steps that are further described below and the videos included with each step. Click on the image to see the flowchart in full view.

Let's get started!

Store Setup and Settings

1. Store Setup: Head to your store via Admin > Store Setup.

2. Store Settings: Your first store will be named after your account name. Click on the Settings tab to edit the store name and enter your preferences such as a description, links, and logo.

3. List Store for Buyers to see: While you're on the Settings tab, be sure to click the List Store checkbox. This sets your store as viewable for buyers to request access to. Remember to click Save!

Rooms and Inventory

4. Sellable Rooms: Click on the Rooms tab. Locate any rooms you'd like to store your intended sellable inventory for your store in and click the checkbox in the Sellable? column.

5. Sellable Inventory: Now, we'll head over to the Inventory Overview to locate the pre-packaged inventory intended for sale in your store.

In the screenshot above, I used filters to locate the sellable inventory. Once the inventory is located, select each item and click Move to move the inventory into a room that you previously marked as sellable.


6. Products: Heading back to Admin > Store Setup, we'll confirm the pre-packaged products are stocked with sellable inventory and ready to go! Click on the Products tab, then click Hide Unavailable to only view products with available inventories.

Use any applicable filters to help you narrow down your sellable pre-packaged products. In the image below, I filtered by brand.

A. Confirm the available quantities are correctly populated for each item in the Available column.

B. For each pre-packaged product that is ready to sell, click the checkbox in the Public column.
C. Show Total Cannabinoids and Terpenes in your store by clicking their column header checkboxes.

Preview Store & Buyer Access

7. Review Your Store: Click the Go To Live Store link to review and confirm your public products and available quantities.

  • Note: If this is your first time clicking Go To Live Store you will first be prompted to fill out this form, entering your first and last name, state, and one of your license numbers to register yourself for access. Once you've completed the form, you will have access to all stores tied to your account moving forward.

View of Available Products and Quantities in Store:

8. Invite Buyers: Click the Buyer Access button to add buyers, or wait for buyer requests and grant them access. Check out Granting Access to Buyers for more information.

9. Start Profiting! Monitor your Orders Overview for incoming Order Requests. The emails you've entered into your Store Settings will also be notified of new Order Requests from your store. Check out Processing Order Requests for more information.

10. Great work! You're all set from here. Be sure to maintain your store menu as needed. To learn more about store management, see the Store Management section in Manage your Menu and Grant Buyer Access.

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