Updated 09/15/2022

As always, we recommend double-checking your work before sending orders out the door and into transit. Editing an order is only available for a few things without needing to void the manifest. No worries though! We can void the manifest to make those changes, then re-manifest the order. This will update the GrowFlow Manifest ID and resubmit the updated manifest with the LCB, receiving a new LCB Manifest ID as well.

Be careful voiding manifests with orders that are already In Transit. You wouldn't want a delivery out with the wrong, i.e. "invalid", manifest!

1. From the Orders Overview, select the order you want to void from the "Scheduled for Transit" column.

  • The order must be in this stage in order to void the manifest.

2. Click Edit > Void Manifest

3. Are you sure? Click "Yes" to confirm the void.

4. Once the void is confirmed, your order will be taken back to the "Need to Manifest" stage on the Orders Overview.

5. From here, click on the order to:

  • Make the necessary changes to the order, then re-manifest

  • Instantly re-manifest the order by clicking "Select Delivery Options (Manifest)"

  • Delete the order completely by clicking Edit > Delete Order, if it is the manifest you are needing to update

    • Note: If you have inventory converted into new IDs on the order, click Edit > Back to return the order to the Label stage. Then, click Edit > Un-Convert on the line items to return the sub-lotted inventory to the Parent ID before deleting the order.

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