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Wholesale: Undo a Transfer

Back up an order that requires last-minute changes such as removing an item or changing the number of items in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 8/28/23

Here's how to pull an order out of transit to void the manifest and make changes before delivery.

1. Open the order and click Edit > Undo Transfer:

2. Your order will now be in the Scheduled for Transit stage. If you need to edit, add, or remove items, proceed with voiding the manifest:

See Wholesale: Void Manifest for more help with these steps.

3. Once the updates have been made and if you voided the manifest, you will need to click “Select Delivery Options” to re-manifest the order, which will give the order a new manifest ID. Be sure to send the receiver a copy of the new manifest!

Note: Remember to let your team know they'll need to reprint the new Manifest.

4. To place the order back In Transit, click the Click to Transfer Order button:

For Metrc-connected accounts, see Metrc: Register Outbound Transfers in Metrc for steps on registering your manifest in Metrc.

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