Updated 11/09/2022

Adding additional items to an existing order is simple! This can be done before the order has been manifested.

  • If the order is in the Scheduled for Transit stage, first click Edit > ⬅ Void Manifest

  • If the order is In Transit, first click Edit > ⬅ Undo Transfer, then you will click Edit > ⬅ Void Manifest

Let's get started!

1. From the Orders Overview, click on the order to open it

2. Click Edit > ➕Add Items

3. Use the search bar or filters to locate the inventory to add

4. Enter the quantity to add in the Qty field

5. Preview the additions and click ➕ Update Order to confirm

6. If the order was ahead of the Packing stage, the order will be reversed to Convert/Sublot and pack the additional items

7. Proceed with the order per usual workflows


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