Updated 11/21/22

We can either...

1. Delete an order and move packaged items (new IDs) back to inventory

2. Undo packaged items and move parent items back to inventory

Option 1: Delete an order without un-packing (keep IDs)

To delete an entire order and keep all converted IDs, go to Edit > Delete Order:

Now, all New IDs are still packaged and available on the Inventory page!

Option 2: Delete the order after un-packing weight back to the parent

If we don't want to keep the converted IDs, we'll un-convert our packaged item and then delete the order.

1. Go to Delete > Un-Convert (or Un-Pack):

2. Now go to Edit > Delete Order:

Now your weight is returned to your parent lot and is available for use on the inventory page!

That's it!

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