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Wholesale: Edit a Product or Strain Name on an Order
Wholesale: Edit a Product or Strain Name on an Order

How to change the product or strain name when packaging a Wholesale order!

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Updated 11/21/22

There are two ways to edit the product or strain name for packaged items on an order:

1. Before packing the order from Bulk to Packaged

Option 1: Change product or strain before packaging

When packing from bulk to a packaged product, we have the option to change the product and strain name of the new product before we convert our packaged item:

1. Click the square edit button to the upper left of the product name

2. Select the new product and/or strain name

3. Click Update

Now the product is ready to pack!

Option 2: Modify product or strain after packing the order (keep new IDs)

If you already packaged your order and don't want your IDs to change, here's how to use Modify to change a product or strain name.

1. Go to Edit > View On Inventory

2. Now on the Inventory page, select the item you want to edit and click Modify

3. Select the Product radio button at the top

4. Select the new strain-specific product or a product template and strain

5. Click Modify Inventory

Now back on the order, we see the product name and strain have updated!


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