Once an order is manifested, you can only change a few things without changing the Manifest ID by voiding and re-manifesting.
Be careful doing this to In Transit orders... You don't want a delivery out with the wrong (i.e. "invalid") manifest!

1. Select the order you want to void from the ‘Scheduled for Transit’ column.

The order must be in this stage in order to be voided.

Void a Manifest – Select the Order to Void to view its summary

2. Click the ‘Edit’ button.

This will open a drop down menu, where you must click on "Void Manifest" to complete the void, and GrowFLow asks you if you're sure and wish to proceed.

Void a Manifest – Click the Void Manifest button

3. Make any changes to the order you need to make, or delete the order completely.

Once you confirm the voiding of the order, you will be brought back to the previous stage of the sales order process.

From here, you can make a number of changes to the order – add items, change delivery drivers and vehicles and completely delete the order from the system


That’s it! Your order has now been voided! 

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