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Wholesale: Product Brands

How to create, manage, and use Product Brands in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 09/05/2023

Create Brands in your account to assign to Products associated with the multiple brands you sell. Brands can help to define and organize your Products and Inventory, label packages, and provide meaningful analytics. Several areas in your account include Brand as a filter for specialized views and streamlined workflows. Brands are a GrowFlow-specific feature and are not reported to BioTrack, CCRS, or Metrc.


  • If everything is sold under a single entity, such as your account name or DBA, skip setting up Brands. In areas where a brand name is desirable to appear, like invoices, emails, and labels, GrowFlow will use your account name by default.

  • Michigan Metrc Users: If you are looking for information on Metrc-connected brands for Infused Products see MI Metrc: Creating Infused Products.

Creating, Editing, & Deleting Brands

Brands are found via Admin > Products in the Brands tab.

Create a new brand by clicking ➕ Add New Brand.

Enter the brand name, description, contact phone number, and email, then click save. A Brand must be given a name to be saved; All other fields are optional. Clicking cancel will undo the creation of the new Brand.

Click edit on an existing Brand to edit any field or click del to delete a Brand from your account. When editing, click save to save the changes.

Once a Brand is created, it will be available for selection when creating and editing Products and Product Templates.


Add the dynamic field {{ProductBrandName}} on your labels in the V2 Label Editor to include the Brand name of your products when labeling.

See these articles for more information on the V2 Label Editor:

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