Updated 1`1/22/2022

Read this article if you use our Wholesale platform. If you are looking for information on working with our Retail POS platform, please click here.

Three Ways to Access the Full Help Center

1. On any page in your GrowFlow app, click the blue ? button at the top middle of the page

2. Or, select Help Docs from your Account menu

3. Or, open a browser tab and go to help.growflow.com

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Two Ways to Find What You Need

1. Browse the article titles in our Collections to see the scope of subjects we cover. Content in each collection is grouped into sections like Admin, Inventory, Grow, Sales, Printing, COGS, LIVE Marketplace, etc.

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2. Keyword search

A. Access the keyword search field at the top of the Help Center

B. Or, enter your keyword in the chat messenger

C. About keywords

  • Enter one keyword

  • Or, enter a two-word phrase

  • Or, enter a phrase in quotation marks for an exact match, e.g. "inbound transfer"

D. Search results will return up to 10 articles. If you don't see what you are looking for, browse the other articles in our collections or use a more specific keyword. For example, use quotation marks and type "non-mandatory qa" instead of just typing "qa".

Which Article Collections Apply to You?

The following three Collections apply to your wholesale account whether or not the account is connected to a state traceability system:

In addition, refer to the following indicated Collection:

Please ask us if you want help finding the best article for your needs. We'd also love your feedback if there is a topic you'd like us to add, or if you have any other feedback on our articles. We want to make them useful for you!

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