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Wholesale Insights: Access, Permissions, and Tools
Wholesale Insights: Access, Permissions, and Tools

Leverage our tool to gain business insights within your data to make the best decisions to grow your business and revenue!

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Updated 05/06/2022


Access to Insights is controlled by permission settings in the Account Settings > Manage Users page. See the Permissions section in this article for details.

If you have access, you can see the reports by clicking on the Dashboard menu and selecting Insights.

A new tab for Insights will open in your browser and the data will load for the first of the report types you have permission to view. The data will default to being combined for all licenses in your organization, but you can filter for just one or a combination of licenses. In the image below, the user has Admin permission and can click on any set of reports:

  • Note: The data is current up to midnight of the prior day, defaulting to show the last 30 days. You can filter for prior date ranges.


Admin users are able to see all the Insights permission columns on the Account Settings > Manage Users page. Non-Admin users do not have access to these additional three columns:

If your account permission setting in GrowFlow is Admin, as an Admin, you can grant or take away permission to any or all of the report categories for other users. Note that in the image above, the second user that has Sales permissions in this license's wholesale account has been given report permission to both the Grower and Sales reports in Insights.

Following are the report types that can be viewed per permission setting:

  • Reporting Executive role → Executive + Inventory Dashboards

  • Reporting Grower role → Cultivation Dashboards

  • Reporting Sales role → Sales Dashboards


Use the following tools from any page in Insights!

1. Click the refresh icon at any time to quickly refresh Insights

2. By clicking on the kebab menu in the upper right, you'll have the option to:

  • Clear cache in Insights and refresh the page

  • Download a folder containing CSV files of each report currently generated on the screen

  • Reset any filters you may have set

3. Hover over the top right corner of any column to click on the kebab menu and view options for an individual column. Options may include:

  • Download an individual CSV of the selected column's report

  • Autosize all columns in this field

  • Reset all column widths in this field

  • Clear cache & refresh the selected column only

Learn more about Insights by diving into specific Views in these articles:

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