Updated 05/12/2022

Insights: Executive Summary

1. Head to Dashboard > Insights > Executive Summary

2. Sales Date: Click on the current Sales Date set to update the Dates filtering the report

  • Use the Presets tab to select a default Sales Date filter

  • Use the Custom tab to select custom Sales Dates

  • Once a new Sales Date filter is selected, click on the purple refresh icon to the right to generate the reports for the dates selected

3. Total Sales $ - Total Sales in Dollars: The total number of sales in dollars for the defined time period

4. Pending Sales in Dollars: This is the total value of all of the orders you have on your sales orders screen combined that have not yet been transferred and are pending delivery

  • Note: To see a breakdown by Order Stage, click on the Pending Sales $ number

5. # Orders - Number of Orders: The total number of completed orders within the defined time range

6. Avg OrderSize $ - Average Order Size in Dollars: The average value in dollars of completed orders in the defined time range

7. Top Products Sold: A breakdown of the top products sold within the defined time range in terms of quantity sold

8. Category Sales $ - Category Sales in Dollars: A breakdown of your sales by your defined Categories, including the number of orders, total sales value in dollars, the average order size, and the average price per gram for that product category

9. Sales by Week and License Type: A week-by-week breakdown of all of your sales, split into each license type such as Sales to Retailers, Sales to Producers, Sales to Processors, Transfers to Testing Labs, etc.

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