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Accepting Inbound Transfers from a GrowFlow or non-GrowFlow user in the Standalone Wholesale platform

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Updated 08/31/2022

Accepting Inbound Transfers from Another GrowFlow Connected License

As you may have heard, traceability accounts are all based on license numbers. This means that while you may be the owner of several licenses, each license is required to have its own traceability platform. This can cause a lot of work for those with larger facilities or several licenses. Luckily, GrowFlow has simplified this process for GrowFlow users which enables you to transfer between your licenses and other GrowFlow licenses easily.

The steps are simple:

1. Create a Sales Order in the sending license's GrowFlow account and transfer it!

2. The receiving license will see the transfer pop-up automatically via Orders > Inbound Orders.

3. On the Inbound Order page, click "Receive Pending GF Transfers".

4. On the Pending page, look for the pending transfer needing to be imported.

5. Click "Show" on the transfers line item to check your order to ensure that all products on the transfer have been physically received by your facility.

6. To import all products, click "Select" .

7. Make any edits to the Receiving quantities or Unit Price as needed.

  • Note: Check the "Return" box per line item if the items are being returned to you.

8. Nice work! Your new products will be available on the Inventory Overview.

Accepting Inbound Transfers from a Licensed Source Who is not on GrowFlow

You can easily import inventory while keeping Vendor information attached for your records. Follow the simple steps below to bring in inventory from any compliant source using the External Inbound Transfer tool.

1. Head to Orders > Inbound Orders.

2. On the Inbound Orders Screen, click "Import external inbound transfer".

3. Fill in the details of the accepted inventory per each line item:

A. Select the Vendor who supplied the inventory

B. Select the Room to store the incoming inventory

C. Select the Traceability Type of the accepted inventory

D. Select the strain name

E. Select a product to assign to the accepted inventory

  • Note: If an applicable Product is not available in the drop-down, click "Create New Products" to create the applicable Product

F. Enter the quantity of the accepted inventory

G. Enter the total price paid for the item

H. In case the line item needs to be deleted for the Inbound Transfer, click "Del"

I. Click "+Add Item" to add another line item to the Inbound Transfer

J. Once all items are added and filled in, click "Import External Order"

The following screenshot is an example of what it would look like to import 2267g of Flower & Buds.

5. Nice work! Your new inventory will now be available to view on your Inventory screen

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