Updated 11/5/2020

This short guide will help you to “Add Customers” within the GrowFlow Retail App. If your state is Recreational, you can check out customers as anonymous but you will lose the ability to track rewards.

Create a customer

Whether you need to create a medical patient or a recreational customer profile so they can take part in your store’s loyalty program, the process is the same for both:

  1. Click on “Sales.”

2. Click on “Cashier Home.”

3. Click the “Green +” button in the top right of the screen.

4. Fill out the “New Customer” form. There is a lot of information you can add here, so we have broken it down by section for better clarity. Please note that the red asterisks mean it is required information for the GrowFlow system. You will also need to enter any other information required by your state. Please make sure you add anything that is required for compliance.

Top of the form

A. When you add a new customer the default status is “Active.”

B. If you are connected to a scanner you can click “Scan ID” then scan the ID card to pre-populate some of the fields under “Basic Info.”

C. If you have a Medical + Recreational store you will have the option to designate the customer as Medical or Recreational. If your store is ONLY Medical or ONLY Recreational, you will not have to select a designation.

Basic Info

A. Enter a full name for all new customers.

B. Enter valid “Date of Birth.”

C. Select Male, Female, or Other.

D. Enter valid Driver’s License Number.

E. Enter Driver’s License Expiration Date.

F. Enter customer’s email address.

G. Enter customer’s phone number.

H. Select a tag if applicable.

I. Add any notes about the customer here. "Example: strain preference."

J. Can select “Referred By” if your store has a referral program.

A. Toggle on “Email” if a customer has opted in for emails.

B. Toggle on “SMS” if the customer has opted in for text messages.


Toggle on a pre-set customer “Status” to help with discount programs. This is optional but can help when creating status-specific discounts.

A. Toggle on if the customer is a Member (medical customers only)

B. Toggle on if the customer is a local/state Resident.

C. Toggle on if the customer is a Veteran.

D. Toggle on if the customer is a Senior.

E. Toggle on if the customer is Disabled.

F. Toggle on if the customer is Tax Exempt.

G. Toggle on if the customer is an Employee.

H. Toggle on if the customer is a Student.

Medical Info

This section will appear only for Medical customers.

A. You will need to enter a “Med License Number.”

B. Enter the “Med License Issued” date and the “Med License Expires” date.

C. If necessary, you can add the patient’s condition and recommending physician.

D. Toggle on if Patient “Has a Caregiver.”

E. Toggle on if Patient “Is a Caregiver.”


Place any additionally required documents in this space.

Stores for this Customer

Your customer will automatically be assigned to the store under which they were created. If you have additional stores, the customer can be added to them here. When you are complete, remember to “Save & Close.”


How to find and Undelete a customer:

Should you ever need to restore a customer you have deleted, we got you covered.

  1. From the “Cashier Home” page, click the “Filters” button.

2. Set up the filter as such: “Is Deleted” - “Equals” - “True”

Then select the customer you want to “Undelete.”

3. On the right, click “Undelete Item” to restore the customer.

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