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Retail: Tax Exemption
Retail: Tax Exemption

How to set up a tax exemption rule and apply it to customers

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You may have customers that are exempt from certain taxes. In this article, we'll walk through how to enable Tax Exemption and apply it to applicable customers.

Create Exempt Taxes

To create a tax rate that excludes tax-exempt customers:

1. Click on Store Settings.

2. Select Taxes.

3. Find and select the tax you would like to make exempt for certain customers.

4. Click the kebab button in the top-right corner of the Tax Details pane to open a drop-down menu.

5. Select Edit from the drop-down.

6. Enable Exclude for Tax-Exempt Customers.

7. Make sure to Save & Close.

Add Tax Exemption to Customer Profile

Next, we need to navigate over to the Customers page. From here, select the customer that should be exempt from the previously selected tax.

You can set a customer as Tax Exempt when first creating the customer profile.

If the customer has already been created, after selecting their name, click the kebab button in the top-right corner of the Customer Details pane, and select Edit from the drop-down menu.

Scroll down the customer profile until you find the Status section, then enable Tax Exempt.

When you are done, please remember to Save & Close. The next time you create an order for that customer, the tax or taxes you have set to Exclude for Tax-Exempt Customers will not be applied to their order.

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