Updated 04/19/2022

GrowFlow helps you to manage your in-stock materials effectively with Rooms. It's important to note that there are two types of Rooms in GrowFlow:

  • Inventory Rooms

  • Plant Rooms

Inventory Rooms are rooms associated with sales processes. We can manage our rooms via Admin > Rooms -- Let's take a look at the Inventory tab!

Adding a new Inventory Room

To add a new inventory room, simply navigate to the actions area, and click "+New Inventory Room".

A new line item will appear in the table, with blank fields that need to be filled out.

  • Room Name

  • Room Type: This will always be "Inventory" as we created an "Inventory Room"

  • Room Purpose: Optional

  • Notes

  • Toggle Room Type: With one click, toggle Room Type to "Plant" which will move the room to the Plants tab. This tool works without clicking "Edit".

  • Default: Check this box to mark this room as the default for new inventory, conversions, or inventory moves of any kind.

  • Don't forget to click "Save"!

  • Click "Edit" on a Room's line-item to edit these fields at any time.

Deleting an Inventory Room

To delete a single Inventory Room, simply click the orange "Del" button on its own line item, in the "New/Edit/Delete" column.

To delete multiple Inventory Rooms, select each room to the right of each line item, then click the orange "Del" button in the actions area.

In either instance, a dialog will appear asking you to confirm this action.

  • Note: You cannot delete a room if there is something in it! To learn how to move the Inventory out of the room you wish to delete, see Move Inventory.

Vendor-Specific Rooms

You might notice you have a lot more Inventory Rooms than you have manually set up - Don't be alarmed! This is a good thing and will help you to organize your reserved inventory and sales processes immensely.

As part of GrowFlow's effective Rooms functionality and because Rooms are associated with sales processes, we'll auto-create unique, vendor-specific Rooms for you as you are creating and filling orders.

These rooms are labeled with the Vendor Name and License Number and are created and populated as orders are built for each Vendor. As you place items on an order, the inventory is removed as usable and the vendor-specific Room is then filled with that inventory as a means of reserving/quarantining those units to avoid overselling your inventory.

If you prefer to opt out of this functionality, you can de-select the "Move Items to New Room?" checkbox for any order, before the labeling stage.

  • Note: Deselecting the box will apply this setting to all orders and the box will need to be re-selected in order to continue moving items to new vendor-specific rooms.

And Wallah!

Doesn't it feel good to have everything organized?

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