Inventory rooms are rooms associated with the sales process, and GrowFlow helps you manage all of your inventory rooms effectively.

Because these rooms are associated with the sales process, one of the things GrowFlow does as you are creating orders, and adding products, is we create a unique “room” for all those items remove them from your usable inventory so you don’t over sell.

For that reason you will notice there are probably a lot more rooms for inventory than you manually setup – don’t be alarmed! This is a good thing, and helps organize the sales process immensely.

These rooms are labeled with the Vendor name and Order ID.

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Inventory’ tab on the Room page in the Admin section of GrowFlow.

1. Adding a new inventory room.

To add a new inventory room, simply navigate to the bottom of the plants table, and click the ‘Add new Inventory room’ button.

A new line will appear in the table, with blank fields that need to be filled out.

Enter the room name, room purpose drop down and add any notes you would like to make about the room – then click the ‘Save’ button in the right hand column to save the room.

That’s it! You just added a new Inventory room.

2. Delete a inventory room.

If you need to delete an inventory room for whatever reason, you can do so on the Rooms page as well.

Simply click the ‘del’ button in the far right hand column, for the room you wish to delete. A dialog will appear asking you to confirm this action.

Pro Tip: You cannot delete a room, if there is something in it!

This means you must first go over to the ‘Inventory’ section of GrowFlow, then use the filters to filter down to the room you want to delete.

Once you filtered the results to only items in the room you want to delete, select all those plants, and click the ‘Move’ button.

Select a new room from the drop down in the dialog, and confirm the move.

Now, back in the Rooms page, you will be able to delete the room.

That is what you can do from the Inventory tab on the Rooms page of the Admin section of GrowFlow.

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