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Wholesale: Rooms Overview

Gain a basic understanding of the Rooms Overview on Admin

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Updated 02/08/2023

The Rooms page within the Admin section for your GrowFlow account is where you can view, add, edit, and manage the Rooms of your operation!

GrowFlow offers intuitive control for both your Inventory and Plant Rooms. We even use Rooms through the application to make the Grow and Sales processes organized and easy.

Upon entering the Rooms page, you will notice that your Rooms are listed in a list-tabled format for easy-to-read purposes! Let's walk through what else we can do.

Search Rooms

As with all the screens in GrowFlow, you can search through your rooms using the search bar at the top of the rooms table.

Actions Area

  • Click +New Plant Room to create a new room used for Grow purposes

  • Click +New Inventory Room to create a new room for Inventory and Sales purposes

  • Click Del to delete selected rooms

Room Type Tabs

There are two room types, Inventory, and Plant. Each room type is grouped into its own tab to keep things neat and tidy. Each tab name will also display the number of rooms per tab in parentheses.

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