The rooms page within the Admin section of GrowFlow is where you and view, add edit, and remove rooms for your operation.

GrowFlow offers intuitive control of both your inventory and plant rooms. GrowFlow even uses rooms throughout the app to make the sales process easier by creating rooms to separate inventory that is reserved for orders / vendors.

In the proceeding walkthroughs we will take a look at what you can do from the Room page.

1. Search Rooms

As with all the screens in GrowFlow you can search through your rooms using the search bar at the top of the rooms table.

2. Room Type Tabs

There are two room types, and each room type is grouped into it’s own tab to keep things neat and tidy.

There is a ‘Plants’ tab, notice the title displays the number of rooms in that tab, in parentheses.

Same goes for the ‘Inventory’ tab. Just click either tab to see all the rooms in that table.

3. Add Rooms

There are two buttons at the top of the room table that allow you to add new inventory and plant rooms.

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