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Wholesale: Create New Plants
Wholesale: Create New Plants

Promote clones or seeds into Vegging Plants from the Grow Overview

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Updated 9/7/23

You can create new plants from any clones, seeds, mature plants, or plant tissue that you have existing in inventory.

1. On the Grow Overview, click the green arrow next to a strain group or room under the Clones, Seeds column to promote into Vegging stage:

See Wholesale: Create Clones and Seeds if you need to create new plant starters before moving into Vegging.

2. Fill in the required fields below in the Create New Plants window:

A. Under Qty New Plants, enter the number of plant starters from each batch to turn into vegging plants. When the checkbox on the far right is checked, it will automatically enter all available units.

B. (Optional) If you are destroying any left-over plant starters, select Yes from the Destroy Left Over Source? drop-down and enter an explanation under Destroy Reason

C. (Optional) Select the preferred Vegging room if it differs from the default room

D. (Optional) Select a table from the selected room, if applicable

E. (Optional) Select a new strain name for the vegging plants if it differs from the plant starter strain

F. Finish by clicking Create New Plants

Your new plants will now be found in the Veg column on the Grow Overview:

See Wholesale: Print Plant Barcodes for steps on printing labels for your newly creating Vegging plants.

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